How often have you found yourself struggling with stress and anxiety during a difficult time in your life? If you’re like most people there will come a time where you struggle with your own battle, so these tips can help you avoid getting overwhelmed. Meet Ashley Resch, A globally recognized model from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the adversity she’s overcome to get to where she is today she has experienced her fair share of stress and of course anxiety. So we sat down with Ashley to find her best tips on Avoiding Stress and Anxiety. 

Stay Active 

This should come without surprise, exercise has been proven time and time again for the benefits it provides your body such as increasing natural levels of dopamine. Ashley strongly believes by keeping your heart rate up through various forms of exercise such as weights, running, boxing, yoga, you can stay away from stressful activities like being glued to social media. Advice on exercising should come at the enjoyability for whoever is reading this and treated as an activity rather a chore, the key is sustainability around your schedule. 

Set up “Timeouts” Throughout your Day 

Everybody loves having a super productive day, but ever notice super productive days happen only so often? The reason a majority of people aren’t able to stay productive falls on the sustainability of their schedules, one way Ashley has worked around this rule is by adding daily timeouts. The timeouts she implements into her schedule are little breaks throughout the day to regain energy for her tasks. These little breaks can help you avoid burnout and the overwhelming weight of anxiety that having a full schedule consistently brings. 

Be Easier on yourself 

We all have the tendency of being hard on ourselves when things don’t go as planned when we really should ease up on ourselves to learn and grow from errors. According to Ashley, one of the best decisions she’s made throughout her career is being easier on herself anytime a deadline, timeline or expectation got the best of her. This has allowed her to focus on getting the tasks at hand finished in a more manageable fashion. This key piece of advice can be implemented into any sector of your life to take a step back and tackle it head-on with a much more level head. 


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