Always Seek Knowledge

ASK – Always Seek Knowledge to Step Forward Living Your Truth

One of the truths about building your own business is that it takes support. It takes being strong enough to ASK for help when you need it and even when you think you don’t.

Always Seek Knowledge

ASK is an acronym I coined a while back. It stands for Always Seek Knowledge. Why did I create this? Because, I needed it. What I discovered was that so very many other leading women need it too.

When You Always Seek Knowledge, It’s a Sign of Strength

See, I always had a difficult time asking questions from a young age. It became harder as I got older. It wasn’t until a conversation with a friend that I became clear as to why it was hard to ask questions.

It stemmed from never wanting to look ‘stupid’ or needing help. I think the difficulty grew because as I developed in my career, it was expected that we ‘knew our stuff’ and didn’t need support from our leaders. It looked weak to ask for help.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Leading Women Know How to ASK for Support

What I discovered was the strongest, most aligned women are the ones who know how to ASK for support.

They know how to grow in their own fields. They know how to get the help they need in areas where others are clearly more experienced and efficient.

They know how to ASK.

Still, it took some space and time for me to start asking. What I found was that if I became curious enough to seek the knowledge that I needed, I would start asking questions. It became fun for me to reframe asking for help to asking for additional knowledge.

Thus, the acronym was born.

ASK –  Always Seek Knowledge. But where, and better yet, who do we need to seek knowledge from?

ASK From Mentors In Their Area of Expertise

Sassy & spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs know that building a purpose and passion-based business requires a lot of knowledge, support and work. Truly successful women know they need to ask for support in many areas.

The most important of all support is found from mentors. Mentors support you, in their line of expertise, on how to overcome obstacles. They are unbiased, honest, thoughtful individuals who unconditionally support you in gaining the skills and confidence you need to grow.

The 3 Key Areas of Mentorship to ASK From

1) ASK from Mentors in Your Own Area of Expertise

As professionals in our own areas of knowledge, we strive to grow and expand in that arena. Having a mentor with that knowledge is invaluable to continue to be learning in your field.

This is true in all areas of business. Seek out a mentor who will help you overcome the hurdles you will most likely hit in your own knowledge.

2) ASK For Business Growth, Support & Mentoring

Not only are we expected to be experts in our own fields, but as business owners, we also must possess knowledge in sales and marketing. It is key to fulfilling our purpose and remaining passionate in all that we do.

Let’s face it. Most of us did not open a business because we were wildly excited about marketing. It simply comes with the territory.

Having a business mentor who knows how to support your unique field will help you grow rather than stagnate. They will guide you to the best choices for you to make so that you thrive.

3) ASK For Mentors for Personal Growth & Spiritual Development

Growing in self-awareness is key to being able to overcome the challenges of building a passion and purposeful-based business and life. It is here that we find the strength and fortitude necessary to sustain ourselves.

In the space of personal growth, you find greater compassion, kindness, love and deep joy that allows you to light up the world. It is this light that will help you manifest your dreams and desires.

Having a sacred observer who can teach you ways to grow in understanding yourself keeps you growing. It is nearly impossible to see you as you truly are (that’s only human nature) without this support. And, without it, you will not thrive as much as you possibly can.

ASK For Support and Watch the Answers to Come to You

Asking for help is not always easy.

But, it certainly gives you the keys and tools and answers you need to help determine the best course of action for you, your business, and your life.

It is one of the 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives and Entrepreneurs.

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Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

Always Seek Knowledge

ASK yourself “If I had support in <fill in the blank>, what might that look like?” and “How could it help transform you?”

Then, research a few mentors in the area and imagine, with your mind’s eye, one of them helping you. How would that feel?  

Maybe, you’ll realize it’s time for a mentor!

What is your favorite way of connecting to your inner knowing that allows you to step into greater self-awareness?

Looking for more support in Personal Growth and Development?

If you’ve been thinking about how a Purpose & Clarity Soul Coach could help you transform, I invite you to read a little about me and how I support others to grow in purpose, passion, and prosperity.

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