“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime. At the time where the whole world is suffering under pandemic , under the situation where people are loosing there loved ones and fearing deaths in themselves has to be addressed and reminded how they fought for freedom for several year ruthlessly, fearlessly for living a happy life a new life and reminding if they can fight a world war with our people for our people then this is just a virus a very small virus which might can threaten us but not our will power , our aspirations , our dreams . sitting at home is not being coward but being patient . as lion never attacks on every next animal he sees but he waits for the right time , right animal to prey, believing whatever happens , happens for the best and everything thing in this life teaches you some it has a intend to make you more strong one should feel more powerful each day you wake up . with this mind set you can be real patriotic , a real lion of your own life .

Learning life is all about ups and downs and one has to understand how to walk is very important . every coin has two side , we have seen the dreadful one , the deadly one but did we convinced ourselves to see the other part. I don’t think so very less might have done it . as I believe this lockdown , the virus has given us an opportunity to slow down ourselves from this competition and thus understand why are you doing all this and for whom , if we are doing it for someone are we evening knowing the other person needs this or not , this pandemic have bought us near our families it was like a meditation of slowing thing down keeping all the materialistic things apart and look at the things as they are for real. Giving ourselves some time and understand its importance. discover what we have been ignoring since so long , learning new skills , learning to be happy in little or I would say knowing the proper usage of things ,  sharing ,importance of money and lives  . understanding this is not the first time that the universe is suffering plague , flu etc. there are many such thing that come and go and understanding that this is and also just one of it and just be being normal , taking proper diet doing yoga would cure is the secret . and the secret is easy to follow . “Freedom lies in being bold.”