When I finally came out of the closet as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach, it was after a long period of uncertainty: Am I a good enough intuitive? Can I really talk to animals? Who am I to pretend that I can read energy? Is it just in my head?

You know, that kind of questions!

All that questioning made me wonder: How often do we ask ourselves disempowering questions, and mostly WHY? 

During the months preceding the big “coming out” day, it was as if a part of me was trying to find a reason not to move forward… a way to sabotage all the time, energy and money I had already invested into my passion.

Isn’t it interesting how we often forget how lazy our mind is?

Our mind can be so LAZY at times!

Every time we decide to change something in our life, there is a panic light connected to our brain that generates in our body all sort of weird feelings and thoughts. We start feeling heavy, we feel not good enough, we crave junk food, we become impatient or suddenly, our life seems out of sync. In an attempt to preserve energy, to keep us “safe”, right where – apparently – we should be – aka our comfort zone – our mind will do whatever it takes to keep us within its limitation. 

We don’t call that place “comfort zone” for nothing after all! It might be a stinky-sucky-gooey place… but at least, we “know” that smelly place! 

So one day, while getting ready to walk my dog Boo, I heard myself say out loud this emotionally charged request: “Okay, I am tired of all that thinking and wondering and I need a sign. If it is for my highest good to continue on that path of animal communication and intuitive work, I need a sign. Not a lousy one, a clear one. Got the message?”

And then… I kind of forgot about it. 

I left shortly after for our walk. It was a nice morning and the breeze was soothing. The sun was shining and the cardinals were singing their best tunes. Half way through our walk, I noticed a lady coming towards us on the sidewalk. She looked just like an ordinary woman on her way to work. 

When I saw her, my first thought was… hum… an angel. I thought it was a strange idea as I don’t normally see angels. Also, her wings must have been in her lunch box because nothing was sticking out at the back of her shirt! 

Not all angels have wings!

As the lady was approaching, Boo stopped sniffing whatever business he was on, and walked straight to that lady and put his head on her leg. I didn’t think too much of this because he is a real social butterfly. He is on a constant mission to greet and give love to everyone on his path. 

During our conversation, the lady talked about her dog as if he were still alive… but I had the feeling that he was now in spirit form. I didn’t say anything by fear of being wrong and making her sad. 

While I was having that double conversation – the one with the lady and the other one with myself – she then looked straight at me and said: “When I had to say goodbye to my dog, I wished I could have had a confirmation from him that I was doing the right thing, that he was ready to go. I wish I could have talked to him.”

Boom! There it was… MY confirmation. MY sign. 

The Universe will always find a way to get its message across!

The Universe often uses people to deliver its messages. It can also come in the form of a song, a book, a note on a cereal box or a sign on the highway… but when the message is for us, if we are present enough, we will know that it is OUR message.

I do find it very cool that mine came so quickly… and from an “earth angel” no less. That morning, I got the message and it was loud and clear!

Obviously, I could have challenged that sign – my mind excels at this – but I forced myself to believe it, and that was enough for me to stay on track. Now, when I look back, I’m glad I did. 

WE decide what WE want to focus on. WE get to choose how WE direct our thoughts. It is not always easy but WE are in charge, and it is up to us to decide on which side of the spectrum WE want to be.  

When we ask for a sign, it is important to be present and open to receive it. 

We also need to trust that it is the answer we were looking for, and we have to act on it.