It is that moment when we reflect at the time gone by. 

Discover what could have been besides what has been in the magnificent journey of life. 

Whilst we turn around and appreciate the view and the fragrances of yesterday we must begin to ask ourselves – what did we hinge our happiness on.

Probably change direction and pay attention to lessons gained, after all change is the result of learning and we can be only wise with the wisdom of our own.

The belief that all is well maybe a reasonable reassurance however not definitive. 

As long as the mind foresees what is in store and we rectify the inevitable, much will be achieved.

Living through a crisis may be a myth for the future generations and probably for every generation. However informed judgement from past experience teaches us not to neglect the present and a grateful beginning makes a grateful end. If a civilization does not survive, what good would be economic possessions. 

Thus acquiring insights is critical while we travel on this uneven road. And when the next battle begins most unpredictability we don’t have to start to accidentally unearth.