Australian teenage wunderkind Lukas Tsimopoulos managed to counteract high school boredom with a fascinating enterprise involving technology and a multiple-six-figures profit he could make on his laptop from anywhere in the world. It took him six years to optimize a strategy that will make him a millionaire soon, and he is only 20. Financial reward and the freedom to do business in a rather flexible way was a strong motivation.

It pushed Lukas to conduct further research and move fast from his restaurateur family obligations to activities that involved eBay reselling and a company that efficiently allows coveted products from reliable factories to reach the consumer directly without any investment in inventory and storage facilities. Using technology, he found the right path for his driven personality.

Although discreet in the beginning, Lukas started spreading the word and sharing tips on Instagram through direct communication. He responds to every single inquiry. Almost 80 thousand followers today are learning through his journey and getting inspired by his dedication and persistence.

It’s equal parts hard work and a mindset that prioritizes efficiency. Tsimopoulos failed and succeeded along the way until he found a great niche: that of beauty and health. Online businesses are easy to scale, but he tried to be conservative in the beginning, strategizing over the most effortless and economical ways to reach goals.

He managed to create a sustainable model that can be easily applied by other people and is combined with personal happiness. The first signs of success allowed him to envision the future and plan for it. Facing the coronavirus threat that imposed on them a quarantined life, people are now experiencing a great shock and the need to recalibrate their lives.

Women and men who loved shopping and taking care of themselves are now Lukas’s primary clients. They are looking to update their beauty/health arsenal, and he is among the companies that are responding to their needs. He believes that this is what business is for: to address issues and provide solutions.

At a very difficult moment in people’s everyday lives, his online enterprise minimizes the burden. People are not used to staying home while he has been working from home for six years. In fact, his online venture sounds more relevant than ever before to a vast audience, not just a small number of techies and youngsters, like previously.

Soon people will be ready to travel again, and some of them, freed from local obligations, will appreciate the fact that they can do business from any connected space on earth. The Internet unites us all. This air of freedom might give people the illusion that anybody can do it without even trying, but this is not the case at all.

You have to stay motivated and centered to deserve it. Lukas had to liberate himself from the preconceptions that have been passed on to him through formal education. It was a form of brainwashing that gave him a too general picture of the world, but he managed to focus.