Austin Ermes

When Austin Ermes was studying at the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto, he didn’t anticipate the incredible path he would wind up taking. Eventually, he would become the director of content for the now-infamous pranksters known as Nelk Boys.

Austin was also covering his bases and working as a freelance videographer. At the time that he was freelancing.

If the journey to achieve something becomes too tedious, it will be more challenging to succeed. Learning what you are capable of can be fun and exciting, so it is important to keep your goals light and fun in order to have an emotionally-positive experience and keep moving forward without losing perspective said Austin.

Kyle from Nelk offered Austin the opportunity of a lifetime, which was to leave dreary and cold Nova Scotia and relocate to sunny and warm California. He didn’t have to think about the offer too much. Even then, Nelk Boys were enjoying massive popularity with their bold and daring prank videos.

The era of Ausgod filming the Nelk Boys videos had begun. Reaching a million views on a “behind the brand” video he made for a previous client helped Austin land Nelk Boys as a freelance client, which then led to getting an invite to join the Nelk family. Taking such a bold leap would cement his success. Simply put, Austin made it.

After he took the opportunity of a lifetime, he has been working full-time as the director of content for Nelk Boys and Full Send for almost three years now. Austin’s unique videography style captures your attention and keeps things exciting while the rest of the Nelk Boys team does their thing and keeps viewers entertained. It’s been a perfect match, and Austin is always refining his videography technique to make videos even more gripping, entertaining, and exciting.

Challenge yourself to dream bigger. Decide that you want more fulfilment for yourself. Your dream is the destination where you want to be in the future. When you are dreaming, do not worry about how you will achieve the dream, for now just focus on seeing the big dream in your mind as clearly as you can said Austin.

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