Austin Georgas

Never has the world seen a movement as powerful as the one social media has started for businesses, brands, and artists all over. Nowadays, getting in front of millions of people has become more attainable whether your work or company has been around for ten years or ten months. But breaking through the social media noise can sometimes be a challenge. That’s unless you work with marketing professionals like Austin Georgas. 

He currently works as the Senior Account Manager for Flighthouse Media, a leading marketing agency and platform that brings artists and brands to the world.

Studies show that almost half of people who are on TikTok have bought something off of the social media platform. Recognizing this trend, Georgas has created a productive obsession over raising awareness through highly engaging content. At Flighthouse, clients get more than views. The company’s in-house creative team works hard and around the clock to engage with followers and get people interested in various products and songs. 

On top of his role at Flighthouse, Georgas also started another company called “UselessClout,” his avid expression of a legacy in progress. Motivated to leave a lasting mark that will carry on for generations, he works hard to propagate great music and build a worldwide community of people drawn to great music. Currently, the company runs a YouTube channel where Georgas shares his music picks and has already hit more than 100,000 subscribers and over 25 million streams and views after only six months. 

In only three years, Georgas has become a highly sought-after music marketing expert who has elevated culture and the arts amongst the Generation Z population.