When it comes to workplace culture, Australia is much different from any other country. It upholds a unique workplace culture that values social integration in the workplace. As a foreigner, observing and adhering to the Australian business and workplace culture is crucial to blending well with the locals. 

Workplace hierarchy

As compared to other countries, Australian workplaces do not value organisational hierarchy in the workplace. Employees have much freedom in various aspects that relate to the workplace, such as communication and any interaction between individual employees and the management. Teamwork interaction within Australian workplaces is, therefore, one that is defined by a relaxed atmosphere and freedom.


When it comes to communication and conversations in the workplace, Australian businesses are highly social and less official. It is quite common to find social chit chats during meetings as it encourages social interactions and building of great working relationships. The less official language used in workplaces, therefore, spurs conversation through freedom of speech.

Working hours

Australian workplaces observe and recognize 38 hours of official work per week. It is quite common, however, for some companies to observe lesser working hours while some observe slightly more. The morning working hours in Australia are highly emphasized with some employees getting to their workplaces at around 8:30 as opposed to other countries where work begins at 9.

Dress code

The dress code in Australia is much more casual in general as compared to other countries. Every workplace has different standards of dress code, with most organisations observing casualness as long as one is decently dressed.

Fairness and justice

Justice and fairness in the workplace are highly observed and governed by the law. A study in the country revealed that 78 percent of the workers are in strong agreement with the fact that they are fairly treated. This fairness encourages employee productivity and dedication in Australian workplaces.


It is a common business culture in Australia to find workers being highly punctual. This punctuality is extended to other aspects of corporate importance, such as attendance to meetings. Every slotted time for any organisational activity, including lunch break and tea break, is highly observed and valued.