Just one year into the literary scene, this Corporate Leader turned Entrepreneur turned Writer, is making waves with her unconventional writing style and larger-than-life persona.

With a book titled Finding Your G-Spot, it is clear the author is as gutsy in her writing style as she is in her lifestyle. Living life by her own rules, Geetika Saigal has embraced life to the fullest and never shirked from bold decisions. From shattering the glass ceilings in the male-dominated corporate world to giving it all up for the dream of entrepreneurship, she has experienced it all. After two decades of running & chasing, she decided to hang up her boots and stop to smell the roses. It is then that she discovered the writer within her.

Her debut book, Finding Your G-Spot, is as different as the quirky name itself. When asked about the inspiration behind picking such a bold title, she responded, “The book is about self-discovery and being true to oneself. Hence I wanted the title to represent my own bold and quirky nature.”

It is also critically acclaimed by renowned Journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, as ‘a self-help book like no other: soul-searching, thought provoking’ and also by Amanpreet Bajaj, Fortune 40Under40 as, ‘deep yet funny; revolutionary and driven by real life situations’. It soon went on to become an Amazon No. 1 Bestseller, with most readers and bloggers reviewing it as ‘fresh’ ‘different’ ‘raw’ ‘surprisingly humorous’ and ‘non-preachy’. Her writing style, which is in a relaxed conversational mode, has been referred by many as talking to your best-friend rather than reading a book! Brimming with 100+ unapologetic yet deep life quotes and 16 ingenious Do-It-for-Yourself exercises, the book is being hailed as a must-have life journal.

The most loved aspect of the book is that it is not a typical preachy self-help book and instead, has 16 hands-on exercises which she calls, Do-It-FOR-Yourself (in short DIfY). When combined with many snippets and examples from her own personal life journey, the book becomes a must-have journal for life.

In just one year, Geetika has successfully harnessed the power of social media to make her voice heard. Her sassy life advices, hard-hitting quotes and daily musings, which she shares on her Instagram, garner 3.5 Million Views/Month and have built her a 100k following. In a bid to fulfil her mission of helping people find their calling and build meaningful lives, she’s recently launched her Online MasterClasses, Mentored by Geetika, which have received applications from 35 countries worldwide and 450+ cities. This July, Mentored By Geetika will be going offline as well, with the first MasterClass in Delhi, followed by many other cities. In her own words, “it’s a new-age approach to Dreaming Big, Living Large and Achieving Success.”

Gauging by her inspirational life journey, the success of her debut book and the love from her audience, Geetika surely seems set on the path to helping you in Finding Your G-Spot!