Let’s face it, women are extraordinary! We always have been… but even more so now in today’s modern world. All of our success, and the traits that enable our success, are nothing short of miraculous. And I’d like to propose we have access to a “special sauce” that makes us even more amazing!

While still being primary caregivers to our kids, we out-earn our male counterparts and enjoy rich active social lives with family and friends in a way that is enviable to men. This leaves many single, accomplished, professional women thinking, “I’m a great catch… so why am I still single?”

  • Why do some other women who aren’t as accomplished, emotionally and financially stable or put together, get great men and relationships?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What is wrong with me, I must be unlovable or undeserving of love?

Does that sound familiar?

Intellectually you know this is BS… but the evidence and experiences in your life continue to feed the core beliefs deep down that something is wrong with you and you sometimes doubt yourself.

And while a lasting loving relationship with a healthy man who can be your true EQUAL partner continues to elude you, you continue to become frustrated with dating, confused about what is going on and even anxious or afraid it will never happen. 

If you are getting feedback from family, friends and even men that you are intimidating because of your professional success, your strong personality or your independence then it’s even more confusing.

We’re supposed to be ourselves, right? Just be our authentic selves and not pretend to be something we aren’t… yet- something about ‘just being yourself’ isn’t working… OY VEY!

There is an art to navigating the initial stages of dating where you are TOTALLY true to yourself and completely authentic- not dumbing yourself down or dimming your light to make him comfortable, while also at the same time, being beautifully (and fearlessly) vulnerable, feminine and inviting.

Men are attracted to strong, capable women who are self-sufficient and independent. That is not the problem. The intimidation factor is all about your WALL.

Here’s the truth: I’m 5’2″ of fierce determination, pure ambition and opinions! I’m beautiful, fit and professionally successful. AND… I’m the most down to earth, easy to talk to, friendly woman you’ll ever meet. I could be intimidating… but I’m not! People tell me things they don’t share with anyone else in their lives. Men and women love me and feel comfortable with me instantly.

So what is that special sauce?

It’s radical self-acceptance, deep self-love without exception and total self awareness that allow me to show up in the world making authentic connections and creating intimacy wherever I go.

I don’t have a wall because I have nothing to fear and no need to hide!

Let me say that again… I don’t have a wall because I have nothing to fear and no reason to hide!

My team and I speak with 40 women every week who want my help to date confidently, love successfully and to just be truly happy and joyful. They want deep inner contentment and peace of mind- to be comfortable in their own skin and feel easy breezy with men (and in every area of their lives).

I can honestly say 99.9% of women are hiding in some way. If you suspect that you’re intimidating to men, or that is the feedback you are getting- it’s time to get real with yourself and have a deeper look at what is going on.