Autumn is a time for cozy vibes and hibernation. The air gets cooler and less humid, the leaves begin to change, and darkness sets in earlier. This transitional time is the perfect season for sleep. With fewer daylight hours, you may find yourself powering down earlier in the evening. The ideal temperature for sleeping is recommended to be between 60-67 degrees. Crack open the windows and let in the fresh, cool air. As the season changes, summer allergies from mold and pollen are no longer a concern.

If you haven’t done so already, it may be a good time to consider a sleep routine. For many insomnia sufferers, the anxiety about falling asleep creates negative connotations with going to bed. But what if going to bed could be like a mini-vacation each night? This sacred time brings your body and mind respite. Instead of worrying about how much sleep you will have or the quality of sleep, how about focusing on the quality of the experience? Light a candle and journal before bed. Take a warm bath. Or listen to a sleep story.

Below are a selection autumn stories that will help get you in the mood for this season of slowing down and feeling cozy. The time before bed is a wonderful time to set the tone for your sleep and dreams to come. You have earned it. It’s time to dream away.


Length: 56 mins

Set in the New England village of Sugar Hollow, you walk beneath peak fall foliage. You visit a beloved candle shop, where Molly, a 6th-generation candlemaker crafts candles that invoke your best memories and favourite aromas. You return to a cozy cottage with your personalized candle and enjoy a bath as you drift from one beautiful feeling to the next before bed.


Length: 52 Minutes

In this deep sleep story, “Rainy Day at a Cat Cafe,” you are the owner of a cat cafe in a city by the sea. People come from around the world to play with rescued cats in your cozy spot. It’s the perfect spot for a rainy day and for animal lovers. At closing, you retreat to an apartment upstairs with your beloved cat and fall asleep to the sounds of soothing rain. It’s time to dream away.


Length: 1 Hour

Escape from modern times and return to an enchanted forest for as long as you need to heal. On the cusp of autumn, you find refuge with three witches who offer healing powers. Immersed in nature, you reconnect with yourself and find deep serenity. It’s time to dream away.


Length: 58 Minutes

Autumn is a season of surrender and letting go. Float in a hot air balloon outside Sugar Hollow during the peak of fall foliage. You land in a gold field, touching the earth the same time as a red maple leaf lands. You gather the leaf and take a canoe onto Lake Surrender at sunset. You release the leaf with all your cares and concerns. As twilight approaches, you paddle to a cabin where you retreat for a cozy, blissful night.


Length: 3 Hours

“Autumn Dreams” contains five beloved original relaxing bedtime stories for grown-ups. Enjoy the crisp air, the changing leaves, and easy chapters to help you skip ahead to your favourite. Includes, “The Changing Leaves,” “Library by the Sea,” “The Long Car Ride,” “Autumn in New England,” and “Wild Horses.” Sleep meditation music accompanies the newly edited stories and will lead you to sleep. It’s time to dream away.


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