As I quietly request ‘Alexa’ to play a calmly soothing, peacefully intimate ‘rainfall’ soundtrack, the simple thought of cozying up in the privacy of a single junior suite with a pair of refreshingly, pristinely clean, bright, matching, white linens found comfortably draped on its equally luxurious, solo, king sized bed as so, in an overly expensive, expansive, chic, fancy, pricey hotel water bungalow in paradise, comes to mind, elegant designer brand sunglasses in tow.

Unexpectedly mild, warm October fall temperatures temporarily settle amidst the ‘Mid Atlantic’ region, familiarly feeling the hard crackle and the textured crunchiness of leaves beyond a memorably gentle pumpkin honey scent left wafting directly in the air, furthering the imagination of a trip taken to explore summer’s seven interwoven seas.

A readily welcoming invitation is provided upon first arrival, purposefully decorated for the convincing pleasantries of a tempting, extended, first class, ‘VIP,’ five star stay, busily focusing on nearby, beautifully surrounding, classic island nature inspired, floral decor. Opposite are interior, colorful pastel tones.

The sun’s vividly orange yellow, golden tinted rays tranquilly filter through a cloudless, blue sky, easily penetrating a formerly, transitionally detailed, indoor outdoor setting, allowing for endless hours of fun captured through a differently pictured set of eyes separately featured on each occasion.

Eclectically capturing scenes behind my camera lens is an accurate art within itself. Imperfect timing is a casually joint effort, releasing the potent use of creativity from any, which and all angles. Continuation effectively proceeds to benefit the independently developed success of enabled, abstract artistry. 

Relaxation follows symmetrically patterned, transparently turquoise blue colored ocean waters and off white, beige, monochrome chez lounge chairs often found framing a rectangular infinity pool, foreshadowed by lengthily thin, tall, healthily green, plush, native moss shaded palm trees not far from a mirroring midnight sidewalk silhouette.