With the weather transition from summer to fall comes, shorter days, chillier air, beautiful golden sunsets, and amazing fall foliage. The smaller days and lots of gatherings, we often feel at a loss of time and not enough for ourselves. This change is not only limited to weather but we have to prepare our mind and body for this change as well. The crisp fall air requires us to make our self-care rituals a priority and listen to our changing body needs too. 

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Most of us feel hungrier than usual and crave certain foods, and the weather can manifest low moods feeling the need to get hibernated. The dark, wet weather can also make our exercising routine difficult and this, in turn, impacts our health drastically.  Planning for this weather ahead can help us thrive through this tough season and not just surviving through it. 

Below shares some easy-to-do tips that will help you through the season while still feeling your best:

Embrace Seasonal Eating

Talking about food, our temptations are usually for starchy, stodgy foods and food and vegetables are not the preference. Soups and stews can incorporate a lot of seasonal vegetables and can aid in boosting our health, not only are these comforting but fulfill our daily dose requirement of these essential nutrients. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts will support the immune system and will also help in the general well-being inside out. 

Put Self-Care First

Self-care becomes even more important around this time of the year. If you feel sad by the gloomy weather, you are likely to get affected by the seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Some other mood affecting symptoms like sleep issues, feeling lethargic, eating habits, may also show pertaining on the weather. You can change your room theme to lift yourself, there are plenty of pantone color examples that you can choose from.

Also, make sure you are taking your recommended daily dose of vitamin D in the colder months, this need is met thanks to the summer beach days but forgotten by most in winter. 

Be Active while enjoying the Season

The exercise routine which is very regular in summer months takes a back seat in winter. This stagnates the lymphatic system and makes the immune system weak. Lack of inactivity also results in low blood circulation and hence slower metabolism, making one feel lethargic and laid back. So make sure you are engaging in some yoga activity or when you go apple picking, or hiking to see those beautiful fall colors, make sure you keep your body moving. Don’t fall trap to cabin fever and find activities that interest you to de-stress yourself.  

Invest in Friendships

Summer is all about hustle-bustle, vacationing, and everyone is scattered enjoying the warmer days. The trendy colors of fall make it a good time to regroup with friends and relax, so invest in friendships and find ways to free yourself of stress and gloomy mood. The positive emotions wipe out negative feelings and make you feel healthy and cheerful. 

Express Gratitude

With dropping temperatures and plants losing their foliage, their energy goes back to their roots. Same is the case with people, fall is a good time to focus on your spirituality, and understanding our life’s purpose. It is a time of the year where you step back from all the hustle to define what in essence brings value to your life. Show gratitude for all the life’s blessing and set out your goals for life, so that you are ready to blossom again in summer. 


Fall is the season to reflect on your life and enjoy the beauty of nature while not forgetting about yourself. So, listen to your body, make time for exercise routine and focus on things that bring happiness. Lastly, always remember to relish the moment that you are in.