Ivan Beau: The Modern Day Renaissance Man

Some hear the call while other execute it. There are some people in the earth equipped to do both.  Ivan Beau is indeed a Christian Renaissance man, with a God given ability to reach audiences worldwide.  Whether through song or spoken word, his signature approach is creative, and simply different, allowing him to connect with people from all walks of life regardless of cultural differences.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas Ivan’s gifts have always been apparent.  He is an advocate and a voice for the next generation and sincerely has a true legitimate passion for God’s people.  As a designers original, he has earmarked his purpose in the music industry and his destiny.

With over a decade of ministry under his belt, his footprint spans across the most unlikely places. From opening for secular musical venues throughout Europe, invitations to South Asia as conference/crusade speaker, to leading worship in the Middle East. In 2019, Ivan was selected as an inspirational voice in the U.S Capitol where he led prayer along side ranking Statesmen and Ambassadors.  Other selfless contributions  were recognized in 2020  led to the conferring of an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities and Philosophy (from the United Graduate College and Seminary International in Washington, D.C).

Ivan Beau continues to make a notable impact while in Germany. God continues to use him to turn the hearts of a generation which may have strayed away from the church and ignite and inspire youth around the world to love God and to love themselves so that they can present themselves boldly and unapologetically to the world. 

Sir Ivan is a living testimony and will tell anyone he meets to trust God even past what you understand or are comfortable with and watch God do the miraculous.

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Facebook: @IvanBeau