When the world was first thrown into remote work, there was a large mix of emotions. At first, many were embracing the flexibility of working from their beds in their pajamas. But this initial infatuation with remote working quickly wore off in many. While many corporate jobs may continue to offer flexible remote positions even after the pandemic’s reign, many are looking forward to returning to an office either full-time or a few days a month. 

Why would employees want to return to the office after adjusting to these ideal and often coveted working conditions? To be quite frank, working remotely has led to some employees feeling burnt out. The balance between work and your personal life becomes easily blurred when you are working from home. It becomes hard to separate the two, and some have found it challenging to maintain stability. However, there are various ways to avoid this fatigue.

Get Up for Some Walks

Even though most office jobs are not very active in general, you still most likely used to take breaks from sitting at your desk. Whether walking to the bathroom, grabbing coffee, or getting out of your seat to converse with coworkers, you were probably a bit more active in the office setting than you are while working from home. 

To be a bit more active throughout the day, you may want to consider taking one or two short walks between meetings or tasks to feel a bit more energized when you sit down again. This will also give your eyes a much-needed break from the screen, as increased screen time can lead to feeling fatigued.

Maintain the Same Work Hours

It can be easy to overwork yourself when your office is in your living space. When you do not have a work commute, it can be natural for you to begin work early, work into the night or skip breaks. However, you need to ensure you are maintaining the same work hours you would be following if you were in the office. This will help you maintain a better work-life balance and help you keep to a balanced routine, resulting in you not growing burnt out or exhausted with your schedule.

Practice Self-Care Throughout the Day

If we’re all honest, we miss the fun we had with our coworkers in the office. Even on the most boring days, a colleague may have cracked a joke or told a story that kept you in good spirits the rest of the day. While this can still be done virtually, it is understandable that you may miss this face-to-face interaction to get you through the day.

Even though it may be quite some time before you return to the office, there are still some ways to spice up your workday. You can change your environment by working at a cafe for a few hours or setting up a workspace outside. You can also listen to fun music while working, do some exercises between meetings, or cook something delicious the night before, so you have a tasty work snack to look forward to. If you actively seek out ways to spice up your remote working experience, you will find yourself less likely to experience burnout.