Except for those who act to combat it, burnout is something everyone in every line of luck will suffer at one time or another. It’s easy to assume leaders don’t suffer burnout, but they are susceptible to the condition more often than their own team members may realize. If you are a leader, following these suggestions can help you avoid burnout in your career.

Find a Worthwhile Career

If you don’t have a passion for the organization’s products or commercial field, you will quickly burn out in your new leadership position. Once you have managerial experience, you should start considering what industries do interest you. Moving into a field that you find intriguing will help you maintain a passion for your leadership role.

Develop a Friendship

As a leader, you can’t really develop truly great friendships with everyone on your team since that could compromise your ability to lead. However, you should develop a good friendship with at least one person in your organization. This will give you a companion who will understand you when you need to air out your work-related frustrations. That’s a great way to reduce stress and avoid burning out.

Disconnect From Your Job

If you’re spending your off hours responding to work-related messages or worrying about the next day’s challenges, you’re never really leaving work. Instead, look for ways to relax and free your thoughts. This should include getting a minimum of one hour of moderate to high-intensity exercise each day. Additionally, meditate, work on a puzzle, play a game, or socialize with friends.

Consider Professional Help

If you feel overly stressed about work, it may help to talk to a therapist. Professional mental health caregivers know more ways to relax the mind and alleviate stress. Seeing a therapist on a regular basis can also give you a safe environment for sharing your feelings and thoughts about your career, employer, and team members.

As a general rule, taking time for yourself and looking for ways to make your job more exciting will help you avoid burnout. In addition to the suggestions offered here, try other ways to combat burnout as a leader. If you can maintain a positive and refreshing attitude towards your duties, your positive demeanor will influence your team’s morale and productivity.



Originally published on jasonwilliamkumpf.net