Avoiding the Burnout of Working From Home - Steven Lewis Weiner

While more people are working from home, and this option continues to grow, it’s not as simple as it may seem. When you’re no longer in a business or commercial setting, it’s easy to let time get away from you. It’s also easy to lose yourself in thought or feel as though time is passing much slower. These experiences can lead you to a state of burnout if you don’t take action to combat it.

Create a Physical Workspace

You can work at your dining room table or on your laptop as you sit in bed, but this will inhibit your productivity. You’ll get more work done sooner and feel better about it when you have your designated work area. After you get up, get ready for your day, be sure to shower and do everything else you would typically do in getting ready for work. By taking a seat in your workspace, you should be feeling energized and ready to tackle your work duties as efficiently as possible.

Create a Steady Routine

Even though your employer may not establish specific hours for work, you should create your routine and stick to it. This will help you ensure you have enough time each day to complete your tasks while also leaving time for family, rest, and enjoyment. Your schedule should be the same every day of the week to ensure your body and mind adjust to the schedule. This includes maintaining the same sleep schedule all week long. When you stay up later, you’ll throw off your entire schedule, and that will affect your productivity.

Take Frequent Breaks

Every hour or so, you should stand up and give your legs a good stretch for a few minutes. You can walk around the house or step outside for some fresh air. Additionally, it’s a good idea to fit a 30-minute walk into your lunch hour to give you some exercise during the day. You can go hiking in a local park or walk on the beach at a brisk pace. This will help you get more physical activity while ensuring you maintain adequate blood flow in your legs. Additionally, the fresh air and natural scenery will reinvigorate your creativity and productivity.

What you do after your workday is complete is just as important. In addition to spending time with family or a significant other, schedule some alone time for yourself. Using this time to practice yoga, meditate, or engage in a hobby of your own will help you feel more relaxed. By the time you go to bed, you’ll be ready to get the rest you need to start a new day.