Have you ever wondered why in a spiritual practice like yoga there are poses named after a Warrior?

It certainly may seem strange to go from being all blissed and calm, to tapping into your power and strength so you can charge forward bravely into battle. 

That’s what Megan Nolan thought too until she learned about the ancient story behind these iconic poses and what they have to teach us about Yoga, the poses, and ultimately ourselves. 

As many lessons do, this one came to Megan at an extremely difficult time in her life. Exhausted, anxious, and depressed, she was no longer sure she was on the right path and wondered if it was a time to make a shift away from personal training and teaching Yoga after 10 years. 

Given she had reached the point of burn out, her Yoga practice wasn’t much more than laying on the mat unsure of what to do next. Luckily, she herself had a wise teacher that guided her to learn the deeper meanings of the poses by exploring the ancient stories behind them.

Although many people don’t realize this, most poses in Yoga have an ancient story behind them, rich in meaning that was traditionally told with the poses. The tales are wild and otherworldly, as most good stories are, and are taught to help us understand physical architecture, the powerful energetics, and the deep lessons the poses teach us.

Hearing the empowering parable of Virabhadra, the Warrior behind the poses helped Megan to not only deepen her understanding of Yoga but also began to awaken a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration within her. 

Using these incredible poses and their story, she realized how she could awaken and express the powerful qualities of the Warrior within her. These are qualities that we all innately possess such as resilience, determination, and focus that are essential tools on the journey of life.

Armed with this powerful realization within herself and a mission to help support others on their journey as they access deep strength and courage, Megan is very passionate about what she does. By helping people to use their Yoga practice to Wake the Warrior Within and move forward from that empowered place.

Megan will be sharing her talk, ‘Wake the Warrior within’ at the upcoming Women Thrive Summit, hosted by the Women in Business Club, between March 20-31st to celebrate Women History Month. Join us.

Megan Nolan is Health and Vitality Coach, on a mission to help female entrepreneurs around the world embody their most resilient, confident, and powerful selves.

In her 16 years of experience as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, Megan has created a wide selection of transformative programs such as “Yoga at My Desk”, “Refresh & Revitalize”, and “Wake the Warrior Within” which are loved by people around the globe.

By guiding people to create a morning wellness routine they love, she helps you to feel energized, strong, and focused so you can get more done and still have time and energy left over to enjoy your life!

She is great at making yoga fun and accessible and truly loves to help others put it’s tools and teachings to use in their busy lives.

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