Awakening to a New Era of Civility through Mindfulness

Chaos, confusion, and uncertainty have become the new normal in American politics. Republican Congressman Justin Amash recently accused President Trump of “impeachable acts,” and announced that he’s leaving the GOP to become an Independent. He stated, “Modern politics is trapped in a partisan death spiral.”

American society is coming to the realization that it’s going to take a very different approach to get us out of the deep chasm into which we’ve dug ourselves. We must get past the same old mudslinging and finger-pointing rhetoric. There are so much arguing and hostility going on amongst both parties that civil discourse, as was intended for finding common ground, has become lost. To continue arguing and discrediting each other over the issues that plague our political system does nothing to provide for possible solutions. Instead, if we actually want to make America great again, we need Mindfulness to show us the way.

Mindfulness is a practice that allows us to be present and aware. How does it fit into today’s politics? By making us more aware of how we talk to one another so that we can become more considerate and effective at problem-solving. Mindfulness will help us to do that. It’s a tremendously valuable skill inherent in each of us, but clearly, it isn’t being utilized in our current political environment.

A border wall is a very powerful symbol that represents more than just keeping illegal immigrants out of our country. It also signifies the invisible wall that’s keeping Americans divided. Until we recognize that we need to become more mindful in how we speak to one another, even if we disagree, then both parties will continue to remain divided. Americans are growing weary of partisan fighting and losing faith in this country and its leaders, regardless of their party.

We must look within our hearts for the answers to lead us out of the stalemate in which we’ve landed. When we plead for more compassion for immigrants detained in centers we consider inhumane, but then display hate for those we disagree with politically, then we, too, are acting in a heartless way. What will it take to come together in a way that doesn’t make every issue a partisan problem? How can we move beyond this malice?

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, or belong to the Green, Libertarian or Peace and Freedom party — or are even unaffiliated — bring Mindfulness into your point of view. Mindfulness will help make you a shining example of how to work favorably for change — and people will notice.

If more of our politicians and leaders practiced mindfulness and displayed genuine concern not only for how they’d fix our country’s problems, but also for how to remain present and aware through the words they choose, the tone of their voice, the clarity in their eyes, the listening skills they employ, the unwavering patience they model and the honesty and integrity they exude, we could be on a path toward healing.

We must listen to our leaders carefully and decipher whether what they’re saying is compassionate, intelligent and mindful. Do they remind us of the need for civil discourse by the way in which they speak? Will they awaken the American psyche so that our country can function as greatly as she is able?

We all yearn for a new era in which we awaken to a more civil and unified country. To make this happen, we must be present. We must be aware. We must be mindful. And we must always remember to use our words kindly and wisely, no matter our political leanings, for the betterment of this country that we profess to love.

Kivo Daily