It was a Sunday morning in March 2018, I was feeling numb and restless and out of the blue I came across a recipe for eggless muffins; I looked into the pantry and all the core ingredients were there, so I embarked on a journey to prove to myself that I can bake!

After a couple of attempts of following recipes, I decided to get creative and followed my intuition and experimented with new ingredients and created my won recipes. Each batch turned out exquisite and tasty. My key motivator was my uncle who was terminally ill and he enjoyed the different varieties with his afternoon tea.

Today I was reflecting on the journey and discovered that baking muffins is my mood changer and stimulator. As an entrepreneur I am challenged to apply myself differently very regularly and baking different varieties and using different ingredients does uplift and enthuse me. I have discovered, five feel good factors.

  1. Concentration – the process of baking is methodical and the success is interdependent on each process being completed meticulously with mindfulness in action.
  2. Time Management – from start to finish the process takes 40 minutes, this includes 20 minutes baking time. I choose to bake when I am sure there are no interruptions and it is very gratifying to affirm that all bakes have been completed exactly in 40 minutes.
  3. Sharing – observing friends and family enjoy and appreciate, encourages self belief and the drive to continue to be creative in all aspects of life and take risks.
  4. Joy – I have found that each time I embark, I feel an internal glow and this forty minute pleasurable activity 2-3 times a month, energises me to be grateful and focussed. Endorphins released have a lasting impact; and life’s challenges can be met with ease.
  5. Accomplishment – a baking tray full of cooked muffins is an accomplishment and this builds confidence to stretch the comfort zone.

As I complete another year of my life and welcome my birthday this August, I am ready to launch new products as part of my business and I am thankful to have found baking to give me the boost and inner light to make things happen and to make a difference.


  • Anjana Nathwani

    Cancer Well Being, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mentor, Meditation&Mindfulness Teacher, Advisory Board Member

    Athena Learning Academy

    I am a two time cancer survivor and believe that the pause of cancer opens new avenues to thrive in life. I work globally and am also visiting faculty with universities. I am a yoga therapist  specialising is well being programmes for cancer patients and thrivers.  I am currently studying Ayurveda in relation to cancer and neuroscience.