Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Sometimes no matter how well-rested you are or how well you slept, morning fatigue hits you with yawns of “why am I still tired?” While being tired is a universal feeling, if you’re experiencing intense or frequent fatigue, it’s best to consult a doctor. Various factors can contribute to excessive waves of tiredness. They can be psychological, physiological, or physical. Hence, instead of taking this lightly, it’s necessary to see a specialist. However, if you just hate the feeling of unwanted exhaustion after a good night’s sleep then read on because there are three ways to beat it!

But first, what is fatigue?

In simple terms, fatigue is tiredness. The feeling of having reduced energy, lack of concentration or motivation, psychological or physical exhaustion. We all have days when we long for our warm, cozy bed and it’s frustrating when there are hours before the desired destination. Hence, fatigue must be banished if you wish to have a good day.

But how do you beat this pesky tiredness? Here are three tips that will enable you to strip morning fatigue out of your day, and help you retain your energy throughout the day.

  1. Water

Stay hydrated, and not only will you get rid of that stinky morning breath, but your body will reward you by getting rid of your dark under eyes circles and fatigue! Water should be your first liquid intake instead of coffee or tea. Understandably, coffee keeps one alerted throughout the day but running to the bathroom frequently isn’t exactly helping! Unlike water, coffee or caffeine provokes anxiety. After a glass or two of water, wash your hands, face or take a shower. It’s an easy, quick way to snap yourself out of sluggishness.

2. Exercise

There’s a reason why doctors urge people to exercise, especially early in the morning, and that is because of the abundance of benefits! Be it yoga, a run around the block, a small workout: do it! Exercising releases endorphins as well as provides oxygen and nourishment to tissues in the body, making you feel energetic and motivated throughout the day.

3. Breakfast

Let’s be real, coffee and tea alone aren’t breakfast. You have got to take your vitamins and a well-balanced breakfast to help banish the fatigue. Eat greens, fruits, cereal, grains, protein; who doesn’t love a warm loaf of wholegrain bread with a hot cup of refreshing green tea? By eating a healthy breakfast, you are rewarding yourself with better health, improved concentration, and motivation to get through the day.

Remember: consistency is key. Water, regular exercise, and a healthy breakfast will do wonders for your body and will help you remain focused and refreshed so that you can seize the day with confidence.