Basketball Star Kevin Major on How He Avoids Stress and Burnout 

Playing for the Pennsylvania State Wilkes Barre Nittany Lions, Kevin Major is an athlete who knows the importance of being in top shape since it’s necessary for his performance. 

So how does a star player for a basketball team view and deal with stress as well as burnout? Kevin shares how. 

Take Things Slowly and with a Clear Head 

Whenever he finds himself on the verge of stress, Kevin also remembers to take things slowly and face them with a clear mind. 

“Never overthink because once you start to do that, you start to panic,” the star basketball player said. 

Another way he deals with stress is by doing something that he’s well familiar with: exercising and keeping himself active. 

“I also go to the gym. Since I’m a basketball player, basketball actually relieves my stress. There were a few times I was upset about something and I just went to the gym and it completely took my mind right off of it,” Kevin said. 

Facing Obstacles Head On 

Should obstacles come his way, Kevin makes sure to face it head-on and never back down from it. This is what he learned as he grew up in an environment that doubted him. 

“The way I overcome obstacles is not backing down from the obstacle. Some people tend to see them and give up, [but] I go right at them. I’ve been doubted my whole life; I had to overcome so many obstacles living in the south Bronx,” the basketball player said. 

But despite his heads-on approach Kevin also recognizes that there are obstacles that he won’t be ready to face just yet. 

“Sometimes you don’t overcome them; if you don’t, just be prepared for the next one. Preparation is key to anything in life,” he said. 

‘Give the Best Version of Yourself’

To those who want to reach their goals no matter what they may be, here are words of advice from Kevin: 

“Never give up and be the best version of yourself.  You only get one opportunity in life so you got to make the best of it,” he said.  

Another piece of advice from the basketball player is to give a good first impression of whatever it is in life because you will never have a second opportunity to give a first impression.

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