How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror just to dream of losing some extra pounds to look perfect? The fact is that majority of the girls are dissatisfied with their bodies all over the world. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with their body; instead, their negative body image thought process is what they need to lose.

1. Accept the Reality:

You may have an aspirational image of yourself in your mind and only think of how you will look in the future. This only makes you hate your current self. Accept your body the way it is and stop hating it. Once you learn to accept reality, you will automatically start liking what you are looking at.

2. Leave Behind Wrong Body Image:

It is not just about fighting your urges to accept yourself but also to accept the body type of all people regardless of their size and shape. When you can generally accept that every body type is beautiful, you will learn to accept your own body as well. 

3. Stop Dieting:

Dieting is the worst way to achieve your ideal body type as sustaining a diet is extremely tough, and once you leave the diet, you will only go back to the body type you hated so much in the first place. Starvation is never the answer. In fact, it will make you more irritable. Moderation is the key to healthy physical and mental health.

4. Do Not Get Influenced by the Media:

Most people create the image of a perfect body based on the media influence. Remember, the models you watch on the magazine cover are bulimic, or the images are highly edited. They have maintained their body that way because it is their profession. Do not make them your role model and rather celebrate all body types as it is widely excepted worldwide.

5. Do Not Withhold Your Urges:

Most body-conscious people make the classic mistake of withholding their desires by dressing up a certain way because they feel their body is not yet ready to be dressed glamorously. Well, stop waiting to gain the perfect figure and start living your dreams by purchasing your favorite perfect leather jackets or a red dress you have always dreamed of wearing.                        

6. Love Yourself:

You are more than your outer appearance. If you really wish to work on something, let it be your inner self. Work on building a beautiful mind which practices gratitude, care, and affection. After all, inner beauty is all that matters.

The Bottom Line- It is Not Your Fault:

Stop blaming yourself for the way you look. You are pretty and you are perfect in every way. Be blessed that you have a functioning body rather than cursing yourself for the way you look. We are not discouraging you to stay fit as losing those extra pounds is going to enhance your health, but do it for the right reasons. If you only aim at reducing your weight to achieve perfection as per your perception, then you may find weight loss methods that will harm you more rather than doing good. Remember, there is no parameter to measure beauty for a reason.


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