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I’ve been blessed to learn about, as well as meet individuals with amazing success stories.  In reflecting on their success, I realize all the stories had commonalities. First, each one decided to take action.  They made a sacrifice for success. Each overcame obstacles along the way choosing to find solutions rather than make excuses.

However, the most important commonality they shared was having a mentor that believed in them until they could believe in themselves.  Their mentors helped them to achieve small successes early and often to instill confidence in them.  With self-confidence they began to believe in themselves.

With the pandemic, today many people feel isolated and have trouble believing in themselves.  They see difficulty in every possibility. 

Look around – people of all ages have quit dreaming!  We need to step up and truly have faith in those we serve.  We need to help others become “possibility thinkers.”  All of us need to know we can overcome any obstacle if we put our minds to it. 

“Difficulties seldom defeat people; lack of faith in themselves usually does it.” John C. Maxwell

When we have faith in others, we give them an incredible gift.  Give others money and it’ll be spent.  Give resources and they may not use them to their advantage. Give help and the people will find their way back to the front of the line.  Give them faith and they will become confident, energized, and self-reliant.

So, how do you give others faith? How can you instill hope in them? How can you get others to believe in you, until they can believe in themselves? To help others develop faith and belief in themselves, you must do the following:

The best way to show people you have faith in them and motivate them is to focus your attention on their strengths. By emphasizing their strengths, you’re helping them believe they have what they need to succeed.

To make them feel important, help people remember their past successes.

To help them believe they can achieve, put them in a position to experience small successes.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” – Demosthenes, Greek Orator

Help them visualize their success. An experiment conducted with lab rats to measure their motivation to live under different circumstances revealed the value of vision. A rat was dropped into a jar of water that was placed in total darkness to see how long the rat would try to swim before giving up and drowning.  The rats usually lasted 3 minutes.  They did the same thing only this time, they allowed a ray of light to shine in.  With the light, the rat continued swimming for 36 hours!  That’s more than 700 times longer.  Because the rat could see, it had hope.  Imagine how strong the effect of visualization can be on people, who are capable of higher reasoning.

A person can live for 40 days without food, 4 days without water, 4 minutes without air and it’s been said, 4 seconds without hope.

As people’s attitudes change from doubt to confidence – in themselves and their abilities – everything for them changes for the better.

When we put our faith in others, we help them to reach their potential.

Take some time today to think about individuals you know that have been negatively impacted during this pandemic. You may know someone that has lost a job or has become totally isolated by fear. Someone in your circle may be worried about insecure employment.

Make a list of these individuals. Next to each name, write down characteristics they have that you admire. Make a note of their accomplishments you can remind them of to help them realize they have overcome obstacles in the past.

Start calling these individuals today. You will find each call benefits you as much as it will them. You will be planting seeds of hope. You will help them to see a brighter future. You will instill a vision that their clouded view cannot see currently. You will remind them they have a support system. They have people that believe in them. They have someone to talk to; to share ideas, concerns, and fears with. They have a mentor and a friend.

Each phone call will be a reminder, you are a difference maker! I encourage you to act! The faster you and I reach out to others, the faster we can get them into motion. Motion creates emotion! Each call you make can be a life changer. Not only for the individuals, but for their families as well.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“The purpose of life is to be of service to others.

Take Action Today!

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