It’s no secret that the world we’re living in is becoming increasingly geared toward imitation. Whether trying to impersonate a musician, actor or celebrity, acts of impersonation only detract us from becoming the most authentic version of ourselves. Understanding the importance or remaining true to oneself, is  Tanvi Jain– a Personal Brand and Life Coach from London. Having worked with countless individuals on their personal brands, there is a common theme amongst a lot of people – their lack of authenticity, or as Tanvi likes to call it, a ‘photocopy’. 

“We all are different, each one of us but yet we try to destroy god’s creation by trying to become someone else. We need to introspect and discover who we are. We are born with our own bunch of strengths and flaws. Why do we dislike our lesser skilled areas when it is our flaws that make us unique. Perfection is an illusion and subjective. Embracing and showcasing the fact that we are imperfectly human builds trust and credibility around us. In the era of social media, today all millennials are running in a race to become like a certain influencer or celebrity. But in this race, they are forgetting who they really are. Our perception about ourselves is the only reality. . It is far too easy to fall into the trap of comparison when bombarded with hundreds of images per day of people living the lives you want to live – it can hold you back in many more ways than you’d imagine.  It is a wise idea to imbibe the good qualities from people around you; but blindly following a beaten path is not pertinent to your own best self. Share your imperfections, mental roadblocks you have faced, battles you have fought, scars you have endured and lessons you have learned. Instead of putting your foot in someone else’s shoes, carve your own footsteps. Find a place where you belong, and if you are not able to find it, Create It.

Get Inspired, but Don’t Imitate…” Tanvi explains. 

Tanvi’s work will prepare you if you want to level up yourself , step out in the world of networking, helping to send out the message you want – and have a taste of enjoyment that the finer things in life have to offer.  After pursuing  Luxury Brand Management , Elite Image Consultancy , Life Coaching from London, she proceeded to become a Chartered Manager in Leadership & Strategic Management CMI London. Tanvi’s coaching covers multiple milestones, in order to achieve results and remain the most original and authentic version of yourself. While wearing the hat of a life coach, she channels your strengths and believes into the right direction while covering almost all aspects of your life from career, to relationships to your bond with your own self. She runs a school of modern elegance to bring out the elite version of you in terms of your appearance, behaviour and interpersonal skills.

This article was written by Tanvi Jain – a Life Coach, Elite Image & Lifestyle Coach and a Personal Branding Consultant. You can follow her and her work at @tanvijainofficial