Live boldly…live authentically!

You’re the real thing, one of a kind, the CEO of your life. And let me remind you, that you, Yes You, have an extraordinary life because…it’s your life. Be comfortable in who you are. Don’t place fences and walls of beliefs around you. Be at peace and exist, accept, value, forgive, bless, express, trust, love and empower yourself. But, you don’t have to be loud to be bold. You can be quiet, thoughtful, compassionate and still be bold. Silence reflects its own bold meaning. Bold is a word defining people as positive, confident, courageous, brave, adventurous, and so much more. Be bold on your own terms. Always keep moving forward. Living your life is a bold move. You can’t help but notice that so many people have restrictions of how you should be. Thereby always remember, whose life is it anyway? Being bold means to live authentically.

And why is it important to be authentic?

You’ll be true to yourself and search your path – the river of life and learning. Time may pass by quickly – much more than any of us realize. So, I say to experiment and take action now. When you’re bold, you are confident and courageous – enterprising and positive. An authentic person will express themselves honestly. This person is not two-faced. They are the same inside as they appear outwardly. This is true authenticity. If your modus operandi is not the straight shooter type, it may take some energy to maintain the façade. Which then leads to additional stress and tension. Who needs it? Similarly, the people pleasers fall into this area. Authentic people live in harmony with the natural order of things. These people are not afraid to laugh at things including themselves and are comfortable in their choices. Authentic people do not live for the approval of the status quo. An authentic person will exhibit a type of transparency, but this is not the I’ll-do-and-say-what-I-want type of transparency. Bold people don’t mind if someone calls them quirky because there’s simply no need to apologize for who you ARE. And you give yourself plenty of slack because what you accept today may indeed change or be removed at some other future time. That’s ok. Just go with it at the time that it is appropriate for you.

Shirley Meerson, Ageless Wellness Lifestyle Coach

Authentic people:

• Are in alignment with their higher purpose. • Have a strong ongoing sense of self-awareness –their emotions, abilities, preferences. • Act in ways despite the risk of criticism or rejection. • Hold a high level of integrity. • Contain good coping strategies. • Have confidence, self-worth, and follow through on their goals.

Tips for living an authentic life:

• Re-examine your values and beliefs. This is a good refresher to check that you have not taken on mistaken beliefs that no longer serve you at this time. • Accept that you are one of a kind. Longchenpa, a 14th century Tibetan Buddhist teacher called it, “a unique occasion at the right juncture”. • Open yourself up to new experiences, new role models, new ways of thinking. • Get in touch with your intuitive side. Strengthen this by bringing more quiet time into your life. Start with simple meditation and the awareness of your breathing. Live each day. Be alive and know that you matter. You are here for a reason. As you are here for many reasons. Reach out in kindness. Boldness has genius and power. Live in the moment and you will be bold. Do you ever have people say to you… “You are sooo unique” – all the time hinting at something. Or they say – “What a character you are…….” This has happened to me multiple times! What I did then is to answer by thanking them
The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ~ Joseph Campbell

Written by Shirley Meerson

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