by John Riddle

“Be Like Radar”

As a full-time freelance writer, I have to wear many hats: editor, marketer, bookkeeper, cheerleader, researcher and many more.  It is no secret that creative people are known to have “high highs” and “low lows.”  And unless you get a good handle on juggling all of those hats you are wearing, odds are you will find yourself in more “low lows” than “high highs.”

But I discovered a secret not too long ago that has helped me…and I suspect it will help you as well.

“Be like Radar.”  

The Radar I am referring to is the character from the TV show “MASH.”  Radar played a company clerk who seemed to have all of the answers.  If someone needed a file, he could lay his hands on it.  If someone needed to contact headquarters, he had them on the radio in seconds flat.  Nothing seemed to bother Radar, at least on the surface.  There were some episodes when Radar confided in Hawkeye about his fears, and despite those fears, he kept moving forward and did his job.  

Radar’s philosophy seemed to be “there is always someone who knows someone who can help you find what you need.”

As writers, we are sometimes reluctant to reach out and ask for help. Whether it’s about finding new assignments, getting someone to help you with editing or proofreading, or just looking for encouragement to keep moving forward, writers are always needing something.  (Whether they will admit it is another thing!)

Here are 5 ways to help you “Be Like Radar:”

1. Don’t Panic – Stuff will happen.  No matter what it is, don’t take it personally.  Take a deep breath, and deal with it (but don’t be afraid to ask for help)!

2.Stay Confident – Despite the chaos that each day will sometimes bring, don’t let it shake your confidence.  You CAN do it! 

3. Never Give Up – No matter how many obstacles are in your way, keep moving forward and eventually you will get where you are going!

4. Always Help Others – Yes, you might be super busy, but take a little time to help someone in need (remember, you will eventually find yourself needing help from someone down the road)!

5. Be Open to New Ideas – Stop thinking that you “know it all,” and be open to new ideas.  Try something you haven’t done before!