Be Prepared for change and then some more

We are experiencing a powerful time of intense change. Forces beyond our control are creating a new wave of opportunities for those on a path of service in a different way. Many sudden changes will happen out of the blue. In a flash of a moment we will experience all kinds of transitioning. From career change, to job loss, to businesses closing. Our health and wealth will give us messages of what we need to do differently. 

We will all have to face ourselves lovingly to accept and transform our shortcomings and misunderstandings. In the duality, see the truth that something much bigger is forming and weaving into our reality. A deeper connection to source is essential. This will guide and support you through what can be an intensely emotional time of deep change on every level. 

I am aware that I have a long way to go. I am grateful for that awareness.

The releasing of self-importance, worn out behaviours and unconscious conditioning that holds onto the ‘I am’. Those of us who are instrumental in creating change will be experiencing a transitioning. A higher way will call you to see yourself under scrutiny. 

The current emotional turmoil requires you to consider this: 

Learn the lessons that life is showing you. Retreat and ask for guidance. Connect to the earth, let your intuition be your guide.

The higher power is working in your favour.  See beyond your current reality. These movements contain messages beyond your current thinking. If we resist the shakeup, it will persist. We will then have to experience our own transitioning through greater external life changes that will crumble and rumble you to become aware.  

Once awakened nothing will be the same again. Know that everything is working out for a higher good.  

How to navigate these times. 

  1. Take more reflective time out. These current times give us a gift of time.
  2. Ask for guidance through meditation and prayer. Stay alert to your thinking. 
  3. Discern the wisdom from what you are currently experiencing. 
  4. Seek the support you need right now from friends or a mentor.
  5. Put the spotlight on yourself. Listen to the Be Prepared Meditation that I have created for you.