The covid-19 charts have started to decrease in the last few days. The health of many people, both mental and physical, has suffered, but the Egyptian people are facing the situation with optimism that it will soon improve. The peak of the second wave has levelled off and there is no doubt that the sun will come out in the near future.

As a result of the blockade and the rapid changes in the working environment, most people in urban areas are now working from home. This new way of working has led to resurgence in demand for housing and an increase in infrastructure construction. At the same time, however, property prices are rising due to the expected rise in the cost of raw materials such as steel and cement. 

At La casa Property we see that Real estate developers are facing inevitable increases in construction costs, leading to delays in delivery and in some cases stalled projects, with widespread implications for homebuyers.

Property prices are on the rise and this trend is likely to continue this month and in the coming years. On the buyer’s side, consumer affordability is at its peak, thanks to stable incomes, record low interest rates and low registration fees, which are preferential in many states. In addition, the housing sector has not seen any price increases in the last four to five years, so now is the times to buy

The value of real estate continues to rise, so for every month you delay, the value of your investment drops. One of the most important factors in investing is directing your money at the right time, and in the case of real estate, now is the best time to invest.

As you might expect, d bay north coast give you a plenty of deals and offers on the market. However, as a consumer, you should be very careful with these deals. Discounted prices can be directly related to a drop in the quality of raw materials, delays in delivery or both. It is always wise to work with a reliable and reputable developer.

Even if the price is not discounted, you can be assured that such a brand will provide high quality building materials, will not fall behind schedule and will provide lifetime maintenance. Bulk deals and deep discounts force developers to cut corners wherever possible, and buying such discounted properties can lead to future losses, including delays in routine maintenance and delivery of retained homes.

A simple property at a simple price offered by a simple developer is always the best option and the increase in property value will make your investment profitable in the long run.

For many consumers, property investment is often an once-in-a-lifetime investment. Buying a property from a genuine developer will give you a high return on your investment. The key is to invest your money where it is safe, not in the traps of bogus deals and overpriced discounted properties. A trusted brand with better house building, lifetime maintenance and on-time delivery may give you a better property valuation in the long run than a mere discounted property.


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