Be still a while…& listen she says

I’ll answer all your askings, all you need do is be you & listen

….maybe you’ll remember me or yourself 

For I am in your bones, you are me, intertwined…connected 

I whisper to you in the winds if you listen 

I ease your spirit with river flow music 

Cleanse you in saltwater seas

I nourish, feed & give you water

Any Gods you believe you’ll see in my skies & feel in the starry diamond nights, sunset & sunrise 

I send you synchronicities & messages in spirit through animals, plants, your emotions & any dis-ease …so listen as I am here to guide you, help you 

I bring you medicine & bird songs, serenity & solace

Be still a while & you’ll download your dreams as your soul compass can find its north when you stop & let it be still

I am always here to talk to whether you converse with the moon, the mountains, my waters & sky …like sacred temples divine 

Be still enough & you’ll realise you have already arrived in this sacred place …it’s in you too, stardust in your bones, earth beneath your feet, nature is your mother, your mana, your spirit…it’s alright if you forgot this …now is the time to remember…listen & I’ll remind you

Ask & I am there, always was..your higher self, Universe, God, guidance…we are all one my love …

You, me & everything else – Mother Earth