Sometimes protesting is the answer.

Sometimes prayer is the answer.

Sometimes dialogue is the answer.

Sometimes compassionate re education is the answer.

Sometimes policy modifications are the answer.

Sometimes oversight community boards are the answer.

Sometimes war is the answer.

Sometimes tears are the answer.

Sometimes laughter is the answer.

Sometimes peace is the answer.

Sometimes voting is the answer.

Sometimes listening without judgement for the purpose of understanding not to convince is the answer.

Sometimes there is no answer right away.

Sometimes mistakes will occur.

Sometimes grace is the answer.

Sometimes there is hope.

Sometimes there is none.

Sometimes there are many answers.

Sometimes we have to choose and get to choose something else later.

Sometimes you only have one chance to choose.

Sometimes not.

Sometimes you can change your mind.

Sometimes we will be the answer.

Whatever the answer may be; I hope we have the wisdom to choose accordingly the appropriate answer.

Whatever we do choose we must know that when one chooses one chooses not another option. Prior to choosing ask yourself what would you love to be the answer and end goal? How do we get there based on the imperfect present?

Keep in mind though as we reflect on what answers we will choose, often forgiveness and love are the answers.

I‘m not perfect neither are you, but I hope we can hold each other’s hands as we strive towards a more perfect answer. Together. Learning side by side. Loving each other side by side we can be the answer.

Be well.



  • Nilmarie

    Resiliency Enthusiast, Realtor, Mom, Community Developer...

    Thrive Global Contributor

    About The Author “I’m a little pencil in the hand of God who is sending a love letter to the world…” Mother Theresa Nilmarie Zapata inspires, ignites and holds others and herself accountable.  Primarily, Nilmarie advocates for individuals to choose love at home, work and community via peace and unity building and does so via distinct platforms. Zapata is a certified trainer in the Community Resiliency Model via the Trauma Resource Institute and is also a Choose Love Ambassador for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Program. She incorporates such in her function as Realtor and member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network. When she is not helping others buy and sell their homes, she enjoys mentoring, being a student of faith, teaching, moving/shaking, developing community, writing and gardening. Nilmarie Zapata is deeply committed to accelerating opportunities and hope for children, organizations, individuals and families. Nilmarie serves as advisor to various non-profit boards, and brings a balanced holistic approach to her leadership style and teachings. Zapata is a writer contributor for Thrive Global, where she shares lessons learned via a recollection of stories around faith, healing, self love, building community, leadership and resilience.  Zapata has over 10 years experience in civic engagement, education, and community building. Previously, she served as Site Director for award winning national youth leadership development program, Public Allies and founded Global Shapers Orlando, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. She is native from Puerto Rico and currently resides in Seminole County, Florida alongside her human and fur family.