“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

It’s hard to pick yourself back up after falling. Where there is no incentive, there is no motivation. For whatever reason, we’re much nicer to our friends and family than we are to ourselves.

Sometimes we can’t pick ourselves up because we believe what other people have to offer is much greater than what we would ever be capable of offering. We assume we — and not other people — are the only works-in-progress around.

Pedram Mokhtari was born in Ahwaz, Iran where he finished his studies from the University of Isfahan in 2016. Growing up, he had several careers in his life in Iran like taking part in a car exhibition, foreign currency trading, and also buying and selling real estate. Through these and other jobs he made his life savings before turning to social media and becoming a model later in his life.

Mokhtari says what I love about life is that no matter where you go in the world, there are a few basic struggles that everyone faces and can relate to. When you are trying to be a leader, ask yourself first, “What are the qualities that I know make up a fantastic leader?” Are they responsible? Bold? Caring? Honest? Take time to think about this and really imagine the ideal leader. So many people really don’t like the idea of sharing their improvements and growth with others. They are worried that their happiness and strength will make others feel bad about themselves. All I have to say, is that those people who would react that way will feel bad for themselves no matter what you do, but you never know whose life you could change forever just by showing them that there is hope and opportunity for them.

We often underestimate our strength and fall prey to our weaknesses. The darkest parts of ourselves trap us in and take pride in keeping us captive, and it’s up to us to burrow our way out.

If you haven’t been through anything worse than a breakup, you will someday. And when that day comes, you will need a mindset as tough as steel. And, most importantly , you should be your own role model because the people you look up to might not be able to fulfill those roles forever. They could give up on themselves at any moment.

You are your own greatest project.

You’re not building a career, you’re not building a legacy, you’re building a life. All of those things are sequential to you becoming the person you want and are meant to be.

Assume you’ll do better tomorrow.

Even if today was great. Because you’re getting better (on purpose, on accident and on your own) every day. Don’t sell your entire, brilliant future for a tiny win today. Act in the way that makes the most sense for your long-term happiness.

When you’re too certain of your path, it’s because you’re following somebody else’s.

If you’re not feeling scared or uncertain in life, it’s usually because you’re following someone else’s path. It may feel safer, but the only “safe” bet about it is that you will end up a dissatisfied copy of someone else’s authentic truth.

Only climb your own mountain.

Everyone wants you to do something for them, to be who they want you to be. Other people will try to guide you (forcefully or gently) toward destinations not on your itinerary. It takes a lot of fortitude to say no to those people (especially when they’re people close to you) and go where you want instead.