A mural commissioned by Haralambos Tsivicos at his business, Sun of a Beach Tanning in Union, NJ. Created by Jay Mack, the artist worked to channel a vision Haralambos had. In French, it says, ”Faith can move mountains.” The mural eventually was painted over when Sun of a Beach was not allowed to renew their lease.  

Time and again, the industry’s most successful and lucrative businesses have proven to be more than just products of their founders’ sheer skills and abilities. These well-established ventures have shown that they are a reflection of the tremendous hard work that was being poured into them. As a matter of fact, these powerhouses are also a result of entrepreneurs braving frontiers and tearing down limiting beliefs. And proving that people can transcend expectations and rise above adversities, Haralambos Tsivicos has emerged at the helm of his brainchild, Tsivicos Enterprises Inc.

Born in Long Branch, New Jersey, Haralambos Tsivicos was an entrepreneur from a very young age. He recalls spending much time during his youth dreaming of ways to solve problems or of new opportunities. He would always pitch his ideas to his mother first, and sometimes she actually ended up backing him in his endeavor. From Beanie Babies to Pokemon cards, she provided the financial backing to allow him to seek out the best deals, so he could resell the items on eBay. On one occasion, he asked her to allow him to buy a large amount of candy from the local wholesale club, only for him to bring it to school and sell it at a pop-up candy shop.  

Haralambos eventually went on to study engineering, graduating from Rutgers University in 2010. After graduation, he focused primarily on developing two ventures: green energy and social media. He would eventually be awarded two patents on green energy technology, but unfortunately, the social network he was building fizzled. He spent time reflecting on what would be the most reliable way for him to generate the capital he needed to keep on funding his start-up ideas.  

Growing up, Haralambos spent much of his time working for his family business. He had mastered many of the different aspects of the business, so he decided the best idea was to start working in the same industry, to do something he knew inside and out. This is what precipitated his venture in the general construction business. In 2014 he began growing Tsivicos Enterprises, receiving his license to bid on public projects in the state of New Jersey.  

His growth was slow to start off, but by 2021 he had completed millions of dollars worth of noteworthy projects. Haralambos Tsivicos continues to grow Tsivicos Enterprises, Inc. into one of the leading authorities in the government contracting sector. Having completed some of the most high-profile projects in the State of New Jersey, the company has quickly established itself as one of the most capable and versatile contractors operating in the Tri-State Area. 

Although he has already earned a reputable standing in the industry, Haralambos Tsivicos explains that his journey was far from smooth sailing. He recalls taking over a health spa and tanning salon in Union, NJ, in 2015 after his friend asked him for help so that the salon would avoid shutting down. As part of his renovation, he commissioned a well-known muralist to complete a mural on the side of the building. He saw the mural as an opportunity to create a silver lining, as the contracting business seldom offered such opportunities. Haralambos adorned the wall with a saying in French,” Faith can move mountains.” It speaks volumes as to what Haralambos believes the key to success is. Unfortunately, the City went after him, claiming that the mural was a sign and not art. He would eventually get forced out after the City started threatening the landlord, and the landlord, in turn, refused to renew the lease.    

Proving to be unstoppable at his game, Haralambos Tsivicos founded Ikonik Visionary in 2018. Ikonik is a business strategy and branding agency that aims to help growth-driven individuals tap into their potential. From product development and audiovisual production to business consultation and marketing, this one-stop-shop allows aspirants to flourish and thrive. He says he started the company because watching ventures grow was always his greatest passion, and he wanted to help others grow their ideas into reality as well. 

As Haralambos continues to operate iKonik Visionary and Tsivicos Enterprises, he reflects on what has inspired him the most to help him get to where he is today. He says he was conditioned from a young age to believe that he could do anything he set his mind to, and he took that very seriously. He believes that his number one contributing factor to success is his ability to see no boundaries and to constantly keep pushing further. “Believing you can is the first hurdle most people can never get over,” he remarks.  

As he moves forward, he continues to embrace his vision for his future, his dreams, goals, and aspirations. He believes that every second we spend living, we have an opportunity to move closer towards accomplishing our goals. The key to it all, he says, is remembering that everything we do plays into the final picture of what we will become. After finding the market much more competitive in the midst of the global pandemic, Haralambos continues to work even harder to grow his businesses and continue to cement his name as a young business leader in the State of New Jersey.