Challenges of Life

Life is so very full of challenges. They’ll meet you in various situations, and some are harder to overcome than others. The most difficult ones tend to be internal – those that test a part of who you are.

This type of challenge is the toughest because it pushes you to break out of your deepest mentally ingrained habits. It’s never going to be easy to escape something that you’ve trained yourself into repeatedly doing. Once the mind picks up a routine of something positive or negative, it gains momentum in forming that activity as a personal habit.

Most people tend to neglect their deepest personal challenges. They find the negative aspects of themselves so overwhelming that they instead opt to live around them rather than head straight through them. They do this for two simple reasons…

1. It seems to be easier living with personal challenges pushed into a dark corner. It is way out of most people’s comfort zones to be exposing their weaknesses. Because of this, their instinct is to hide away what they see as a problem to stay firmly in the easy-living comfort zone.

Long term, it’s actually more difficult living with personal challenges kept at bay. They surface themselves regardless of what you do to contain them! If you think about your past week, did anything bring you down at all? If it did, then there was a challenge for you in there somewhere. The only way to overcome it would be to tackle it head-on, instead of pushing it into the background, only for it to come back later.

2. People don’t realize the endless possibilities that could become a reality if they did overcome their hardest personal challenges. They don’t see how great they’re capable of becoming if they do put themselves through what they fear most. When you can’t see the positive gains in it for you, then it’s natural that you won’t act.

Before you become enlightened on what is achievable by breaking personal challenges, you might find it very difficult to visualize how the process will make life better. The initial solution here is to relax and meditate. To help you visualize better, you can use 100% pure essential oils to help you and have some faith that something good will happen if you challenge yourself in what you see as an uncomfortable, personal weakness.

This is where the possibilities ‘snowball’ starts rolling. You might start out initially by consciously changing one tiny habitual problem. When you realize the tiny benefits of the action you’ve taken, you begin to see the bigger picture. The greater the challenge you face, the greater the rewards are when you are done with that problem!

This is where self-improvement exposes itself as being fair. The more you invest in it, the greater the life experiences it will provide you with. Ultimately, living a life of abundance in anything that you desire is impossible without continuous growth, and that means facing things you’d rather ignore!

The best way to look at a personal challenge is to think of it as a huge test. Imagine it as a test of your unity to see just how much you really want to conquer the challenge you are trying to break. Those that are unworthy of the benefits brought about by beating their inner-most challenges will fall by the wayside. They’ll be beaten by the consistency that it takes. Their “Is it all worth it?” thoughts will get the better of them.

To avoid the above common reality, you’ll need to embrace the fact that these moments will happen to you while facing your personal challenges. Such thoughts are almost unavoidable to the imperfect human being, which describes us all. You’ll have two conscious choices in these moments of ‘relief searching’. You can:

A. Realise that moments where you nearly give up are the essence of the challenge itself. They are the moments that, if shown mental strength during, determine you as worthy of what it is you are trying to achieve.


B. You could give up. Go back to old ways, left wondering what might’ve been!

To choose A. in these tough moments is to demonstrate to whatever you believe controls the world that you merit the new lease of life that you are chasing. You’ll have provided solid experience-related proof that you thoroughly deserve to achieve your goal. You can enjoy things so much more when you know that you’ve shown strength and courage to gain them.

It’s an important moment when you realize that the best things in life only go to those that strive to deem themselves worthy. Opportunities to show that you are deserving of a fantastic life occur every day in the form of personal challenges.