Bring tech fans together at CES!

CES 2019 was very different this year. It was not all about computers and electronics — there was also beauty, health, and sleep. In fact, some of the fastest growing categories in high tech retail are beauty, skincare, health and pets included.

Beauty is new and exciting in today’s tech arena. CES showed us how technology makes the search for the ultimate beauty or skincare product a magical experience.

SK-II launched a Future X Smart Store at CES 2019 Global Stage of Innovation. There is now an entirely new concept of seamless “phygital” retail environment where you can explore immersive, personalized experiences that merge physical and digital to learn about your skin’s flaws like never before. By engaging both physical and digital skincare experiences, SK-II can take the intimidation and pressure out of shopping for skincare in the offline retail space and give complete control to the consumer by offering options to browse, shop and learn about skin at each individual’s own pace and own terms.

Image courtesy of SK-II.

HEALTH is priceless, as there is no amount of money that can buy good health. Whether you’re looking for something to help you avoid diseases, or clean up dirt and dust in your home, there were some interesting products at CES.

DynaTrap’s Flylight was awarded the Silver Award for “Most Innovative Product of the Year – Consumer” in the 2018 Best in Biz Awards, as well as the award for Best Patented Design in a Consumer Product. Whether you live in a tropical climate or you’re traveling to one — diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes, such as the West Nile Virus. DynaTrap created a technology driven, highly functional indoor and outdoor insect and mosquito trap. The Flylight Insect Trap is a sleek sconce that delivers up to 600 square feet of superior protection against disease-carrying flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. It utilizes DynaTrap’s proprietary AtraktaGloTM Technology to produce a warm UV light at a specifically targeted wavelength, which is irresistibly attractive to insects. The non-toxic StickyTechTM Glue Card then traps the bugs and conceals them behind decorative aluminum panel. Per DynaTrap’s President, Juan Rocha, “It is extremely rewarding and humbling when professionals in the market see value in what we have created. This product has been years in the making, and to receive such positive feedback during its first year on the market is a great honor.”

Image courtesy of DynaTrap.

GenHigh’s Narwal Self Cleaning Robot and Mop was showcased at CES and will be available around summer 2019 — just in time for back to school or fall/holidays! It can clean carpets, wood, or tile. Whether you’re a busy, full time parent, or a college student, or an unemployed adult living with your parents — there is no excuse to have a dirty or messy home, thanks to this cleaning robot and mop! It actually has dual skills of vacuuming and mopping, and will automatically detect which floor type to clean, and can switch settings accordingly. It has a connected app for spot cleaning, monitoring the cleaning progress, customizing the cleaning route, or checking the battery life.

Image courtesy of GenHigh/Narwal.

SLEEP, in addition to beauty, is a must for everyone’s body and health from the inside-out. Sleep Number announced a ground-breaking, exclusive partnership with Thrive Global, a behavior change company helping people improve their wellness and performance. With Sleep Number’s leadership in sleep science and Thrive Global’s platform, which reaches over 30 million people per month, the partnership is expected to amplify the importance and impact of quality sleep on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Thrive Global’s first lady and author of “The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time,” Arianna Huffington and other beauty, health and sports experts spoke at CES earlier this month. Sleep Number hosted an informative “Sleep as the Competitive Edge” panel with NFL and Olympic athletes and sleep experts to discuss the impact of sleep on performance and overall health and wellness.

Image courtesy of Thrive Global.

According to Thrive Global’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Huffington, it is important for employers to understand how important it is for their staff to prioritize sleep. The presentation was kicked-off by Sleep Number‘s CEO Shelly Ibach and moderated by GENYOUth‘s CEO Alexis Glick. Panelists discussed the science of sleep, the connection between sleep, well-being and recovery, and provided personal insights into the benefits of tracking sleep and its direct correlation to performance. The panel featured:

Harrison Smith, Minnesota Vikings’ Safety and four-time Pro Bowler
Mr. Smith, on the importance of rest and recovery: “It’s critical…we only have a week to get our body back to playing condition. I was a sofa sleeper. I just kind of slept and didn’t really think about it much until I got my Sleep Number. Since I got the Sleep Number 360 smart bed, it has become one of the most important tools in my training – letting me tap into my sleep data to perform at my peak and recover more quickly. When I sleep well, I can see a difference in how I play on the field. I can think faster, respond more quickly and I’m able to compete at the highest level each day. It really changed my habits – and showed not only how much I sleep, but the quality of sleep I get. The Sleep Number bed basically keeps a journal for me.”

Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global Founder and CEO, and author of The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time
Ms. Huffington, on prioritizing sleep and advice to employers: “We are all athletes in our own way, in our own profession. We all need to refuel and recharge. One way to improve the performance of companies is to make the sizable connection between the well-being of employees and the bottom line.”

Gwen Jorgensen, Olympic Gold Medalist and triathlete
Ms. Jorgensen, on the science of sleep and importance of data: “I can’t perform without being a very well-oiled machine and making sure that everything is healthy. I write down how I slept the previous night, how many hours I slept and how the quality of sleep was, and my resting health rate, which is something I can get from the SleepIQ app. I really noticed a big correlation between my sleep quality, my resting heart rate, and if I’m getting sick or if I’m staying healthy or if I’m over training or doing the appropriate amount of training. Those are things that have allowed me to push myself…I prevent myself from getting sick and injured.”

Dr. Eve VanCauter, Circadian Rhythm Expert, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
Dr. VanCauter on the science behind sleep and why we need to make it a priority: “Science has shown us that humans in the 21st century are living a lifestyle in which our body is not prepared; up all night, trying to stimulate itself with stimulants and activities. Our stress response systems are responding to sleep deprivation or poor sleep in a way that is not appropriate – we are not wired to be awake in the dark.”

Shelly Ibach, President and CEO, Sleep Number
Per Ms. Ibach, “Sleep is at the center of a healthy life. Whether you’re a business leader, teenager, busy parent or a world-class athlete, quality sleep helps you play better, think better and live better – improving your mood, mental acuity, physical performance, and overall well-being. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed is the only bed with proven quality sleep that helps you effortlessly take charge of your wellness.” In closing remarks on the importance of sleep and looking ahead to giving people more control of their health, wellness and physical performance through biometric sleep data, Sleep Number CEO Shelly Ibach stated: “We are at the beginning, the forefront of a digital health revolution. Today you can learn vital metrics and the bed is using advanced analytics and an algorithm to give you all of the information, and to determine when your vital metrics are outside of the norm. In the future, our 360 smart bed will be smart enough to be able to predict health issues and identify things like sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. Or even the onset of a heart attack or stroke.”

TECH.Technology is the main concentration of CES. Below are some notable tech companies to give us a peace of mind, and help keep our families safe.

Keyssa makes it so much easier to transfer huge amounts of data and video between devices quickly. It showcased some unique new products at CES. For example, there is the Video Wall using Keyssa-enabled direct-attach LED panels; Laptop Hinge Connector; Camera Connector; 360-Degree Rotating Connector; and Ethernet connector, just to name a few. Just imagine how great it is to have continuous connectivity that is power efficient for creating and consuming rich media.

Image courtesy of Keyssa.

Sure Petcare, a UK-based pet tech specialist, showcased connected pet technology. It is redefining how pet owners can care for pets, with its ecosystem of connected pet products. When used together, the data collected from separate devices in the ecosystem will build a comprehensive picture of an individual pet’s health and well-being. By understanding a pet’s “normal” profile of behavior, activity and health, owners can identify changes which may require veterinary intervention, or a change to an individual pet’s care, is required.

Image of Sure Petcare.

VOXX introduced many exciting products. It partnered with Project Nursery to introduce a Soothing Projector with Nightlight and Timer. RCA, VOXX’s over the air HDTV antenna brand, introduced a Wi-Fi HD Camera Caregiver System with Push Notifications. VOXX’s 360fly introduced better safety for students and Drivers with the 360fly 4K School Bus Camera. VOXX’s EyeLock integrates into Smart Rear View Mirror, and EyeLock to begin taking orders for nanoEXT, the world’s first indoor/outdoor iris reader! Iris recognition is is very important in areas such as, but not limited to: border security, national ID, membership authentication, information security. VOXX Electronics begins shipping the Code Alarm CA1045 Keyless Entry/Security System, and delivers Seatback System with unlimited content capabilities. VOXX Electronics also introduced two all new Prestige Power Sports GPS Recovery and Security Systems.