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Java is a very popular and most used programming language. It is widely used across a lot of webs and mobile application. If you are a novice or experience java developer, this post will help you become a better Java developer.

Here are steps you should follow to become better Java developer

Focus on basics

You should find good blogs or online videos to strengthen your basic. Understanding basic is an essential step to become expert as Java developer. Unless you have conceptual understanding, you won’t be able to become good java developer.

You should learn

  • Objects and class
  • data types, variables, and access modifiers
  • loops in java
  • OOPs concepts such as abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and Encapsulation
  • static and final keywords
  • Method overloading and overriding
  • Concept of interface
  • Collections framework
  • Multithreading
  • Latest trends in java

Understand OOPS concepts

Java is an object oriented programming language and it is essential to understand all OOPs concepts and apply them in your project work.You need to think all the problems in terms of classes and objects.

Java has 4 major oops concepts:

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance

Read other’s codes

It may not be very obvious to you but reading other code can help you improve your java programming skills. A good programmer can learn at a lot of stuff by reading other ‘s code.

Learn internals

If you understand the internals of any data structure in java, it will help you to understand the true intent of data structure. For example:If you learn the internals of HashMap. you will be able to use it more efficiently. You will be able to understand why you need to use hashcode and equals method while using any custom object’s as key in HashMap.

Read documentation

One of the good habits of good programmer is they read a lot of documentation. If you read documentation, you may be able to find details which may not be so obvious to you. Reading documentation may help you in creating a good foundation which you can use in your java programs.

Learn Spring

Spring is one of the most used Java frameworks. Spring framework can provide you complete enterprise solutions. You can learn about the concepts of the application context, dependency injection, autowiring etc. If you understand spring framework, it can give you extra advantage and opportunity over other Java developers who are not aware of it. You should find a spring tutorial and ace the spring framework.

Choose an IDE

You should choose a good IDE such as eclipse or intellij. Once you are comfortable with any of them, it will increase your productivity.

For example, You can import all the classes using shortcut ctrl + shift+ o in eclipse.

Write simple and understandable code

You should write code which should be easy to understand. You should give meaningful variable and method names.You should write the code in a way, so that there is no need of comments at all. If you have to write a comment then you have not done a good job.

Practice Practice and Practice

If you want to become better at something, you need to do lot of practice It is true for Java programming too. You need to keep writing the code and practicing it.