Ask any parent and they will tell you that their little ones are their biggest blessing in life. However, every time a new baby is about to arrive, things around the household get a little hectic. But, if you know a few secrets when it comes to preparation, you’ll have smooth sailing in front of you, especially now that you have an additional crew member on your team. Here’s how to prep for your baby’s arrival. 

Take care of yourself

You probably heard so many tips and hacks during your pregnancy and probably all of them concern your baby. However, don’t neglect your own health and wellbeing during this stressful time. While you’re pregnant, your body is working overtime and any physical and emotional fatigue can worsen the stress. So, in order to provide your baby with a calm environment in your womb, make sure to dedicate some at least an hour every day to nurturing your body and mind. A quick nap, a relaxing walk, meditation sessions, pregnancy yoga and some healthy snacks and hydration will keep you healthy and strong. 

Have a fool-proof plan

Having a baby will really change your life from its core. It’s a leap into the unknown (especially if it’s your first baby), but if you create a good parenting checklist before your baby arrives, you’ll get to ban at least some of the stress from your life. Start by handling your finances and developing a budget. Pay off any debts and provide yourself with a nice financial cushion. Consult with your employer and see how long can you stay on leave and when can you return to work. This might not be the most fun baby preparation item on this list, but it’s certainly one of the most important. 

Share chores and responsibilities

No matter how preoccupied you are with your baby, you’ll still need to clean, cook, go shopping, do laundry and maintain the household, so having a good chore plan is a great idea. This will give some sense of control, competence and relaxation. But, make sure you’re flexible. At times, your schedule will be all messed up, but that’s fine as long as you keep in mind that schedules help parents return to their regular daily routines. 

Learn about the baby’s sleep habits

Most new parents are super confused about the baby’s sleep habits. Sure, your friends and family all probably have a ton of tips on how to make sure everyone catches enough Zs, but it’s very important for you to learn about sleep patterns so you can quickly pick up on issues and avoid creating any bad habits. One of the main reasons why babies have trouble sleeping through the night is the fact that parents actually sabotage their sleep while trying to help. So, grab a good book, consult with doctors and learn about proper techniques and baby sleep facts. 

Prepare your home

Your baby will need to have its nursery ready before it comes home, so make sure to get it designed, equipped and furnished in time. Luckily, you can find most things online. If you choose a modern baby cot, you can ensure you’re getting the best quality product that will protect your child for many years. If you want to take a cost-effective and sustainable route, choose a model that can be converted into a toddler bed. Buying a baby monitor, some soft night lights and a true HEPA air purifier will ensure your kid has both a comfortable and safe environment to grow up in. 

Don’t overdo it with cleaning

Some parents try to sterilize their home from floors to ceilings with a lot of chemicals to kill germs and bacteria. However, that level of cleanliness both unsustainable and unnecessary. Sure, your home needs to be clean, but use your common sense to prepare. One thorough cleaning is enough (and stay away from harsh chemicals). 

Prepare your older kids

If you have older kids, make sure to talk to them about the changes that will inevitably happen when the baby comes. Don’t neglect your older child and spend a lot of time with them every day. Encourage them to voice their feelings and help with their baby sibling. This will bring tantrums to a minimum and ensure your kids have a healthy bond. 

Don’t worry too much

No matter how much you try to be a perfect parent, you’ll make some mistakes. Perfect parents do not exist, and luckily, kids don’t even need them! What you want to be is a loving and committed parent that tries to learn on their mistakes and improve with time. It’s alright if you don’t have everything figured out just yet—babies are much tougher than you might think. 

As long as you love your baby and pay good attention to your own health and wellbeing, your child will thrive in its healthy environment. Make sure to continue being a supportive and loving parent and soon, you’ll have a small toddler running around your house!