Most days we just go through life; partially content with our lives. However, when a big event pops up such as a reunion, a big wedding, or that once a year big vacation; we find ourselves wanting to be the best version of ourselves. If you desire to be the best version of yourself and have very little time to make big changes, then this article is for you. With just a few simple techniques you will find yourself shining brighter than all the diamond rings in the room.


If you have plenty of time to prepare, then consider adding a workout to your morning routine. This will not only help you shed a few pounds, but your mind will actually get a bit sharper as well. You will also feel more energetic throughout the day, and find that you sleep better at night. If you want to add an extra boost to your day, then consider drinking a green smoothie to ensure you are getting an ample amount of fresh fruits and veggies.

For those of you who have limited time to become the best version of yourself; there is still hope. Exercise is not on the agenda, but rather stopping yourself is the key here. It is pertinent to stop fearing what life has to offer. When you are secure with who you are as a person it shows. You carry yourself with your head held high, and this is the best way to present the notion that you are secure with your life and whom you have become. Remember it is okay to tell others no; after all you were not put on this planet to please others. 


It is very beneficial to evaluate the way you look at others. If you find yourself over criticizing and judging others, then it may be time to take a break from people watching. This action in life can wear you out and leave you feeling empty and exhausted. You will actually appear older and far more stressed if you do not break this habit.

You must learn to roll with the punches per say; do not let all of the little aspects of daily life get under your skin. Remember to enjoy the day and laugh at yourself when necessary. This will help you enjoy life far more than worrying about if you have said or done the right thing. Make sure you are laughing and joking daily; this will not only lighten your spirit, but the stress of life will become far less constrictive. Stress is that inability to cope with a situation; as I stated previously this makes us appear far older than we are. Your lack of sleep will be obvious to everyone around you. Your mind will not be as sharp, your eyes will look exhausted, and you will have a harder time standing up strong and tall.


It is very beneficial to help others on a regular basis. This will help lessen your stress levels, and you will gain a new perspective of life. When things tend to go bad in our lives we often believe we are the only person suffering in this world. When you lend a helping hand to a person in need; you get to stop thinking about your situation for a little while. This will give your mind time to rest, the problem time to sort itself out, and the feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. When you approach life with a sense of gratitude it tends to smile at you far more than frown.

If you have found that you have hit rock bottom, feel worn out, or like you are not enough for life; then change your mindset. There is no need to avoid that big event you have been anticipating. Instead, institute just a few simple changes to insure you will show up the best you have ever been.