Don’t underestimate the power of rituals, especially when it comes to sleep. True confession: I have a bunny that I can microwave and put under my back. Laugh if you like, but not only does it relax my muscles, over time, the bunny has become a cue to my body that it’s time to sleep. I am stacking habits so that when I have that bunny, I’m literally telling my body–on a deep physical level–to go to sleep. The trigger is so powerful that even when I wake up mid-sleep to care for a sick kid, I can microwave the bunny and get right back to sleep. The bunny obviously works for me, but you need to figure out what works for you. Consistency is also important. Having a set bedtime every night helps. Also, be certain to limit your alcohol intake, turn down the lights, and avoid eating too much before you go to bed.