Want better health, but hate pharmaceuticals?

That’s understandable. OTC pills/drinks are lab-made products.

They’re synthetized compounds whose side-effects aren’t fully known…

To get your health right, you need something natural. You need a remedy direct from nature, but in intense doses.

And that’s what aromatherapy is.

What’s Aromatherapy?

It’s the use of essential oils for health benefits.

Essential oils are extracted from plants. They come in tiny amounts, and are expensive.

But they’re concentrated with powerful benefits. And there are many different types of them.

You might recognize them as oil drops in some stores (like chamomile, ginger, etc.).

Why Use Aromatherapy?

It provides intense health benefits. Plus, essential oils smell amazing!

Depending on the oil, you can calm inflammations, improve sleep, boost your immune system, and deal with skin problems!

Even hair issues are solved with essential oils!

The benefits are endless, depending on the oil you use. And there are many ways to administer those oils!

How to Apply Aromatherapy.

Since they’re naturally concentrated, you take essential oils in small doses. And you need tools that make that job easier.

In the aromatherapy world, there are many. They include…

  • Skins rubs.
  • Drinking
  • Diffuser bracelets.
  • Diffuser vape.

We’ll discuss each in detail.

(A) Skin Rubs.

You can use them on areas with joint problems, or muscle tension.

In fact, massage therapy often uses essential oils on skin. And in addition to physical relief, they give your skin an amazing smell too!

(B) Drinking.

Not recommended, as the intensity of oils can irritate your throat.

But sometimes, you can add a drop or two to large cups of drinks – specifically herbal drinks.

(C) Diffuser Bracelets.

Like the first option, they spread the oil into your skin.

You apply them yourself, and they aid in diffusion of the oil and their absorption.

(D) Diffuser Vape.

The most recommended option.

Essential oils are known for strong respiratory clearance. They deal with germs, sore throats, and excess mucus.

So you can smoke them. You just need to add them in vape, and use them as you wish!

In Fact – We Recommend Diffuser Vape.

They come with many advantages.

First, you can buy pre-designed “smoke and toss” essential oils. You can select from a variety of tastes and blends!

All are made by experts. And the doses are metered to ensure safety.

So it’s safe, healthy, and convenient. And you can do so anywhere, and at any time!

Where Do I Get One?

You can do so at Monq.

This website provides a wide collection of aromatherapy vape blends. Choosing one is an experience of itself!

Be sure to visit their site, and learn more!