Love Khaani is the CEO of a United Arab Emirates-based E-commerce Company called Gift Smile and a very Successful businesswoman from Dubai, shares the 7 Tips You Need For Success that a Girl Boss should follow to become a Better Boss.

The word Boss screams position, power and responsibility. Being a girl boss requires a little more hard work, a little more determination and a little more thought. This little more though creates wonders of the likes of Indra Nooyi, Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg. Here’s some tips on how to ace being a Girl Boss:

1. Let Your Work Speak:

People are always going to criticize and judge you no matter what you do. Let them. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t reply back. Keep on doing your work sincerely and with dedication. Then, let your work be the answer.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself:

Limits exist but only in the mind. Don’t let the gender stereotypes dictate you. Break free from all the shackles that are limiting you and holding you back. Know and believe that you can do whatever you wish to. Set your heart and mind on that and get to work. Your wish will soon be a reality.

3. Be Polite Yet Firm:

Don’t be rude to your team. Being rude may get your work done but it will breed fear in the minds of the employees. Remember that doing work out of fear is completely different from doing it out of respect. Create a healthy and nurturing environment in the workplace. Consider the viewpoints of those working under you. This way you will encourage new ideas and also make your team feel valued.

4. Seek a Mentor:

However qualified you might be, nothing can beat experience. So if you are new to being a boss, seek a mentor. It can be your friend who has headed a department or someone in your line of profession. Ask them for their guidance and how they managed their team in the hour of crisis. Keep in mind that the mentor should be there only to guide you and not to change your style of dealing with things. Don’t lose on your originality.

5. Be the Expert in Your Field:

A boss should know the A-Z of her field and be always open to learn more. Be well researched and have deep knowledge so that you can innovate and also be able to point out the loopholes. A knowledgeable person is always held in high esteem. You should be a problem solver, wise decision maker and an innovative thinker.

6. Use Your Feminine Qualities to Your Advantage:

“Are women managers better than men managers?” is a hot topic of debate. Prove that yes, they are. Combine your skills and talent with your womanly instinct, empathetic nature and caring attitude loaded with dollops of patience. Incorporate these virtues in your workplace to become one hell of a boss.

7. Be Cool Headed, Never Quit

The world has always been a bit harsh on girls. Take it as a challenge and show the world that you are not the one to be suppressed and definitely not the one to get intimidated and step back. Show it that you will win despite all the odds.