What does “being awake” mean?  

In very simple terms, being awake refers to the individual who embraces an inner knowing that there is more to life than what the traditional world sees, understands or supports as reality.  It means that this individual has experienced, learned, remembered or is finally convinced that there is more at play than what is accepted as normal.  The bottom line is that this person is sparked and open to new concepts.  Inevitably they learn that their life is a uniquejourney to self-healing and transformation.

There is a time and a place for each of us to awaken to this special journey.  

It is all such a fun trip without ever any sign of boredom.   The journey is full of excitement, confusion and joy.  Once we are sparked, we do not stop!!  We make a commitment because we know intuitively this is our plan and path to truth. We walk our journey day by day.  We learn and trust that we are guided every step of the way.

Are all Empaths awake?

Most likely, if you are reading this blog – you are awake!  Some readers may just be curious too and just now learning the concept of “Being An Empath.”  Because you are reading this, you are open to new knowledge and need to hang tight to see what new comes your way that motivates and guides you forward.

A few better questions would be:

How open are you to metaphysical concepts and new knowledge?  

How muchfire resides in you to learn and embrace this path?

I share this because I run into Empaths all the time.  And, I am writing today because I hope to help you see your Self more fully so you can direct your life more consciously.

Here is what I see out in the world:

Some Empaths don’t have a clue about how energy affects them and seem to be operating just fine without this awareness.  They could be naturally strong or simply put, it is not their time to wake up!  They are asleep and YES, they are Empaths who are also being guided.  Their role as lightworker is not so evidently seen because they operate in traditional roles without the higher-levels of awareness or sensitivity.  We need to honor and trust that they are following their own plan.

Some other Empaths, also without a clue about how energy affects them, are not operating so well in life.  They traditionally have big hearts and seem to function okay to the outside world.  Ironically, inside they struggling with moods, anxiety, overwhelm or depression. These individuals will struggle until they inevitably feel enough pain to awaken.

The next stage is the Empath that is looking for answers and ready for new knowledge.  They often come into Facebook groups happy to have finally found answers and connect with others with similar experiences.  These individuals are often relieved to find guidance, like-minded people and information that puts a name to the way they function in life.  Usually, this starts them on a journey to managing their gifts, developing awareness and gaining new knowledge.

Lastly, there are Empaths that know without a doubt they are different and on a journey.  They believe in energy and practice to develop their gifts and are following guidance to learn more on a daily basis.  These people are fully awake to this path. These people embrace a new awareness of who they are and their gifts.  These individuals are a blessing to the world because they see the world very clearly.  These individuals are being groomed to actively help others. They have embraced their journey of self-healing and transformation.

The last great question is:

What drives or guides an individual to awaken to being an Empath?

There are a variety of reasons why an individual awakens. In all situations, it was their time to wake up!  Most Empaths wake up when they go through an experience that was not logical.  Typically, they awaken because a traumatic event, situation or person challenges them on a deeper level.  Other times, a professional psychic or fellow Empath will share that word with them. And finally, there are Empaths who just put it together through experience and their own knowing.

Much Love, Michelle

MICHELLE J. HOWE is the founder of Empath Evolution.  She steps into the world as “the Wise Empath” – an Awakening Healer, Teacher and Speaker.  Michelle shares her passion, wisdom and study of life as an energetically sensitive soul.  She is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program and is certified as a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Soul Detective Therapist and Metatronic Healer.

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