What do you do to achieve your dreams? We tend to focus on doing daily to achieve them and we believe that to have what we so long for we must work hard, fight and go through a moment of anguish to finally be successful.

However, when we fail, we get stuck. We come to think that we cannot move forward more or we remain unhappy in the same place. We try to follow in the footsteps of other successful people to achieve what they have, but at no time do we stop to see in ourselves. For you who are reading this, we have news: You need a change ! Keep reading to find out.

What is Being, Doing and Having?

Let’s start by reflecting on the order in which we rule our lives. Who never wanted to become a millionaire, travel around the world or buy the latest Smartphone of his favorite brand? Just remember those wishes we once had, to realize that many believed that “having” will make us happy.

From Ontological Coaching on www.melihickman.com  .Doing to Have and then Being, is a discarded formula. Not because of the components that it has, but because of the order in which we carry them out, which leads us to a vicious circle where we admire the actions and detract from the essence of where those who obtained what they wanted to be based on hearing what they loved started.

In the discipline we impart, it is Being the protagonist that will lead us to listen to our interior, the “who we are “to recognize in which world we will develop. Did you hear about the phrase “Work on what you love “?

Learn to apply it

To make our being the protagonist of our projects, it is necessary to follow a series of steps that will make you achieve that for what you fought and had consciously or unconsciously present.

1. Look inside

Who you are? It is easy to start by our name, age and what we currently do, but you have to look a little further to achieve it. To know you a little more, we propose to ask you if you are what you do and if not, what you need to do it.

Ask yourself if what you want in a few months will allow you to recreate that reality that you crave and if what you do now, it produces that warmth in your heart that conveys joy and satisfaction. Watch your emotions, what causes you nostalgia; what makes you angry or the last thing that caused you euphoria.

Look closely at what part of your body you felt those emotions. Then you can say that you are getting to know yourself that you will know in greater detail who is that person who reads this article.

2. Focus on your Ideal Reality

We all have a dream that, for us, means “Being happy.” We are not talking about obtaining material things like the latest model car or a nice apartment in the best area of ​​the city. We talk about that ideal world where we want to live, such as: Being recognized by my colleagues and being able to lead a team.

Make your dreams your daily motivation and part of it to wake up daily and fight for them. If, for example, you feel that being a Speaker was your dream as a child and you perceive satisfaction in yourself when you speak in public, start practicing daily reading aloud, expand your vocabulary, try to know about other speakers. Ask for advice that makes you feel that you are growing and moving towards what makes you happy.

3. Make the commitment your day to day

There is a big difference between the demand we exert on us to achieve something, and the commitment we have with a goal. The first leaves us in the position of doing something at all costs, making our purpose momentarily lose the grace of being.

4. See how everything aligns

It’s all a matter of time. Starting with small actions that are focused on your ideal reality, will gradually make you notice the meaning that your days acquire, how you will appreciate each new step you take and how your authenticity will begin to emerge.


In conclusion, before starting the planning of your life and how to achieve the objectives you always wanted to achieve, www.melihickman.com is ideal place that you look first at your Being and at what generates the feeling of completeness.


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