The world doesn’t need more fancy brands, fake coaches or narrow minded leaders, it needs the 1% leader.

The boy threw the basketball down, a dejected look on his face, he looks at his father with sadness and disappointment as he hears these words “You will only ever be a below average player – like me”.   The scene moves forward and we watch the father share a life session with his young son.“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something – not even me. You’ve got a dream – you’ve gotta protect it.  When people can’t do something themselves – they want to tell you you can’t do it. If you want something – you’ve got to go get it. Period.” Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness)

I LOVE this movie!   It portrays the true story of Chris Gardner, a salesman who spent one-year being homeless, while trying to raise his young son.  The pain, loss and heartache is only surpassed by the determination and drive of the hero in the story. Against the most impossible odds – the hero achieves his goal.

What are the secrets of the 1% leader?

The 1% leader doesn’t just focus on doing, but recognises who they are BEING!

The 1% leader knows themselves well. They are willing to look in the mirror continuously and adapt quickly to change. They have a strong sense of intrinsic worth. The 1% are not looking for others to complete them.   They are not so concerned about the opinion of others, but their drive comes from a deep place of love, purpose and security.

We must not become caged in our thinking, or hide our light.

Have you noticed what happens to certain leaders or mentors when the pressure is on? Some default to blame, to anger. Others hide. Others wait for a rescuer. Others pursue small pleasures to make the day better. Others remain in denial and keep doing what they were doing before. I get it. It’s easy to do, for the 99%. Unless we consciously continue to choose to be in the 1%.

The 1% leader knows that change must happen at every level – Emotional. Mental. Spiritual. Physical. Relational. Financial. 

They know these areas happen in convergence with each other, and when there is a weak link – the whole suffers.

The 1% leader doesn’t avoid trials. Their personal battles have taught them to be humble and not bitter. Their journey tells others that they are human. They earn wisdom as they learn from mistakes.

The 1% leader is relatable and empathetic.  

The 1% leader has a strong mind, and even when tested – and has trained himself/herself to default to a mindset, and heart set of belief, of faith. They refuse to give up or submit to fear.

The 1% leader is entrepreneurial in spirit and mindset.  

The 1% leader knows how to grow stuff. Money. Ideas. People. Lives are changed because of their impact.

They can help to advance business, industries, or people, and understand how to solve big problems. They are focused.

They are always looking for ways to improve, and never stop learning.

The 1% leader makes a positive and obvious impact in the lives of others.

This reflects in finances, culture, community, family, team.  

They find creative solutions that are hidden from others. They are driven, intuitive, even prophetic, in their ability to see between the lines, and recognise hidden ideas and solutions.

They place value on their own time, and know the price they have paid in experience is worth a high monetary value.

The 1% leader knows their most powerful message is a mirror of what is in their heart and mind:

They are not afraid to express themselves,  and share their ideas or beliefs. They know the goal is not to be liked by all – but to impact those who are meant to follow.

They have a deep conviction within – which attracts others to them. They don’t have to push – they have charisma. They are congruent within themselves.

The 1% leader doesn’t just speak, train, mentor or coach – they ‘impart’ spiritually and emotionally. 

They help people to feel a conviction and a shift within.

They speak of what could be, not of what is. They see a future that others don’t see. 

When they speak – their words hold weight and authority. 

The 1% leader knows who their tribe is, and who they are not! 

They understand what drives the people who need their mentorship and leadership.  They understand that their unique skill set and gifting serve a certain community or need. They don’t try to be everything to everyone.

They ignite others into taking action. 

They take calculated risks and weigh up all things wisely.

They are decisive.

They are driven by something bigger than themselves. They know they are here on this earth for a short time, and know that time is valuable, and should not be wasted.

The 1% leader understands the mantle of authority they carry in their sphere or industry.  They recognise they are leaders of leaders.

When the going gets tough – the 1% leader gets growing!!!

When you find a 1% leader, coach, mentor, they will….

  • Inspire you to change at the deepest levels
  • See something within you that gives you clarity and confidence
  • Know how to help you to overcome your own challenges
  • Help you to leverage your strengths
  • Look at the facts – be straight with you
  • Coach you to achieve real outcomes
  • Recognise the pressing and urgent difficulties you are facing 
  • Help you to articulate your worth, your offer, your tribe
  • Draw out solutions from within you, which you can live with and act upon with confidence
  • Help you find new, unique and creative ways to succeed
  • Give you appropriate resources, people, tools to achieve your goal

Find one who can lead you like this – and you will have found gold. 

Copyright © Louise Taylor 2020


  • Louise Taylor

    High Performance, Wellness and Sales Mindset Mentor

    With extensive experience in how to rapidly move through hidden emotional and sales barriers & identify commercial opportunities - Louise's Taylor's knowledge of what drives human behaviour & spirit has earned Louise the opportunity to coach experts, teams, business owners and executives all over the world. Founder of the Identity Program©, Money Mindfit™ and Neuro-Flow© technique, Louise uses neuro-science, & an unrivaled depth of intuitive coaching tools to help you break the bad and build the good. Her clients include HCF, Nutricia, St Vincent De Paul & many more in the Health Sector, Direct Selling, Church, Sporting, Retail & Fitness industries. Louise is engaged to speak to large companies on how to elevate sales & build a connected, courageous culture by rewiring the mind & redefining the way people think feel and behave. Strategic Advisor, Speaker, High Performance Coach Certified HBDI™ Practitioner, Neuro-flow Practitioner, Songwriter and Author - Identity Program Suite.