Oren Segal believes that we came into this world alone, and our parts are different, so there is no reason to have a “crowd” mentality. People need to embrace their uniqueness which sets them apart from the rest of us. Although it is essential to always stand “alone,” it is also important to surround yourself with people of like minds. He had a relatively good childhood, with both parents a strong pillar in his life. His parents are both Israelis, and he is the first-generation American in their family. He is currently a full-time student, studying Computer Information Systems, Cybersecurity to be exact. Also has a double major of music performance as a violinist. Although he likes keeping a positive and humble outlook, he never allowed others’ opinions to shape how he lives his life.

Growing up, Oren has always been the curious type, a trait that many believe to be found more amongst Jews. His inquisitive and curious mindset made him love fashion and modeling. Always trying to figure out the best way to make people look unique in the way they dress. He is a freelance model and does digital marketing for a brand he is very passionate about. For more than two years, He has been engaging in freelance modeling. He does this by mainly collaborating with his friends and colleagues, and this has helped widen his knowledge about the fashion and modeling industry. As a model and fitness enthusiast, he believes in fashion and fitness and is closely knitted. According to him, you need to have a great physique in order to look amazing in any cloth you put on. 

His love and passion for fashion and modeling grow each new day. He is someone that believes in uniqueness and being different from the rest of the people. The Covid-19 pandemic taught him a lot of lessons and he understood the importance of always evolving and changing to adapt to the unpleasing circumstances around us. The intriguing feeling of going from fashion and modeling into becoming a military officer was what captivated him. He is the kind of person that looks forward to what the future holds, and he is always ready to play his part.

He has always found great comfort and drive to give people a new look that makes them different from others. He always wants to drive the force of attention and stand out consistently. Right from his childhood, he has always been intrigued by the fashion industry. It drew him in, and he never looked back. He has garnered great fashion experiences from his freelance gigs and internship initiative. He is always looking forward to helping people be the best version of themselves through fashion. Although he is still in his early stages in the business, the future undoubtedly looks very bright for someone with such passion and zeal for fashion. 

He has faced a number of challenges in his quest to become a household name in the fashion industry. 

His biggest challenge has always been that the “bar” is rarely in his favor. Whenever he thinks the world is in his favor, the opposite tends to be the case. He has always provided his knowledge, skill, and ideas to people who need them in his own way of giving back to his community. 

Oren Segal has to tell you that when reading this, “learn to build on your uniqueness and not diminish it because it is what separates you from the rest of us.” 

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