Life is littered with little learning moments. Sometimes we see them, pick them up and cherish them. Other times we just walk on by. Another scenario is that we see these moments and don’t know what to do with them, so we hold onto them and save them for the proverbial rainy day in our life. 

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, that proverbial rainy day is upon us. The idea of learning the violin or writing that novel hasn’t happened. Instead it seems we are in a perpetual state of treading water. At a time the we should be unplugged, we are more plugged in then ever. The dreaded commute to the office would be most welcomed compared to the trudge to the basement or designated work area.

Without an end in sight, it might be time to re-examine what our personal goals should be. The 2020 vision we had in January has bit the dust. All we seem to have to ourselves between working, teaching, and whatever other roles we are handling during this season our moments. Life isn’t affording me exactly what I had hoped for but I am doing a few things to regain some control.

My unplugged moment is happening most mornings now. Getting up just a bit earlier an enjoying the sounds of the morning before the hustle of the day begins. It’s only a few minutes but they are all mine. No TV, phone, or laptop. The only plugged in thing is the coffee machine. Sometimes I read or just bask in the sounds of a new day. It’s my moment.

This subtle change of waking up earlier and doing a little something has changed my mental state, while also strengthening my business and personal relationships. We can’t control the events occurring in the world at the moment, but we can control our response. Take the moment. Unplug. The world we be right where you left it.