A few days ago, we sat with Cornel Herold for an intimate interview. We got to know the story behind his success and what makes him one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Hungary! He is becoming quite an inspiration for youngsters across the country. We tried getting to know this young man, and he is indeed someone to look up to – 

So, Cornel, Tell us a bit about yourself?  

 I am Cornel Herold. I am 18 years old. And I make money by creating apps and tutoring people. (laughs) I was able to earn over 1 million dollars with 5 apps that I made within one year. All my apps are on Google play store and Apple store; you can find them there. Right now, I am focusing more on my mentorship program. I teach youngsters how to create apps within a short time without any prior coding knowledge. 

How did the business idea form in your head? Did you have any lightbulb moments? 

To be honest, I have tried out all types of businesses. Before getting into the app business, I had tried my hand in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and many more. I always looked for ways to make money. I wanted to learn how to create a business, but there were many fake coaches out there. They actually don’t know what they are doing; they only make money through their courses. Being young, I saw the potential in apps. Everyone is hooked on their phones. So I had an idea, not precisely a lightbulb moment (laughs), but I decided to create some apps. Not just that, I tried to look for ways to do it without any coding knowledge.

What was your first-ever venture? What did you learn from it? 

When I was 14 years old, I started an online business. It was dropshipping. But even though the business concept was great, the market was already super-saturated at that point. Everyone who wanted to start an online business was into dropshipping then. It wasn’t anything new or cutting edge. It was hard to stand out from the crowd. Even the products sucked, and shipment was lousy. It was a lesson that if I had to create a successful business, I had to do something different. I had to stand out. I had to tap the untapped. To catch more fish, you need to go deeper into the ocean. 

You could have chosen any industry if you wanted. Why this? What went into making this business decision? 

I did a lot of thinking. I tried and tested many business ideas. Some worked out; some didn’t. But Apps? It was the best decision I ever made. You have to realize that in the age where everyone is on their smartphones, apps have huge potential. Any app that is “useful” will undeniably be a huge hit. It’s not even hard to come up with an idea. Look around, identify your problems, and then come up with a solution. Make an app for it. If you are a busy person like me, you probably need a time-management app. If you are someone who parties, then you need an app that shows where the hottest parties are in the city. If you are someone who uses public transport and faces problems with the schedule, create an app, so you never miss an update! 

I wanted to be in an industry that was bleeding edge. Apps are the next big thing! And they aren’t going out of style until we have phones (smiles)

Can you say what separates you from the others? How is your business different? 

I can say I am not here to play. I don’t take my job lightly. My business model is based on experience. I earned money by creating 5 apps in a year without any coding knowledge. And now I am helping youngsters do the exact same thing! 

I don’t believe in being the only winner. I want people around me to win as well. My business is about seeing others succeed as well. 

What inspired you to start a business? Why did you feel the need for it?

I  wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I belong to a middle-class family. The thought of living my entire life in financial constraints scared the hell out of me. I wanted financial freedom. Freedom is what inspired me to start a business. I saw many young entrepreneurs making it to the top, and I thought to myself, I should also aspire to make it big. Whining isn’t helpful; it will get you nowhere. You can’t blame your situation for where you are in life. You are the product of your decisions. If you want to be successful, you need to stop complaining and chase your goals

What would you say are the biggest challenges of running a business?

Running a business comes with a lot of challenges, I assure you. The biggest challenge is being consistent. You must show up every day. That’s the thing about running a business; you need to be consistent. Sometimes it is hard because you are burnt out, tired, and want to take a break. My advice is to take some time, recuperate, and come back stronger. It always helps. 

Another huge challenge of running your own business is accepting failure. When you have a candy store, sometimes you sell 100 candies a day, and sometimes you sell nothing. As an entrepreneur, you have to accept failure gracefully. Learn from your mistakes. The real flex is turning your mistakes into lessons. Mindset is everything!

How important is the mindset when starting your own business? How do you create a positive mindset? What do you do when you get into a negative mindset?

Ahhh, mindset is everything, I told you already. It plays a crucial role in how you run your business. Once you start trusting your vision, you will manifest it. I try to be a positive person; I am more of a glass-half-full kind of person. (laughs). To be in that positive mindset,  It is always important to be selective with people. You have to be careful who you surround yourself with. Never let a negative mindset change your perspective of life. 

What keeps you going when times get tough?

I don’t see problems as obstructions. I see them as hurdles that you jump over and get stronger. Mind is a powerful weapon; you need to learn how to tame it. When people doubted me, I wasn’t heartbroken by it. On the other hand, I used it to fuel my drive. I had this burning need to prove the naysayers wrong. That’s how I kept going. 

Last question, Do you ever plan on stopping or retiring?

Uhh, yes, I will retire someday in the far future. But right now, I have no desire to stop what I am doing. I honestly love what I do. Mentoring young people to be entrepreneurs is exciting. I never had that kind of opportunity. Being an entrepreneur was similar to being an outlaw. I am glad I broke out of the 9-5 rat race and pursued my dreams. I am happy to help others do so. 

Thank you so much for your time Cornel, It was great talking to you. Good luck with your future endeavors

Thank you for listening and giving me an opportunity to share my journey. I had a lovely time.