Imagine if your life were different. If it were bigger, better, brighter.

While you may already have a wonderful life right now because of all the work you’ve put in to become the best at what you do, ask yourself, “Can it get better than this?” It might surprise you to find that the answer is “Yes!” 

Regardless of how happy, productive, and successful you are, there is always a way to take it up a notch. Let’s look at some ideas to inspire you to make a good life even better.

What Do Other People Do?

If you’re feeling stuck on how to improve your life, then take some time to browse online articles about happy, successful people. Read interviews or watch biographies on YouTube. You may pick up a few tips. 

Take Stephanie Morimoto, for example. She owns and runs Asutra, which is a natural beauty company. She is a firm believer in self-care. If you push yourself to a point of exhaustion every day as you strive to reach your goals, her gentle philosophy may be just what you need.

By checking out what other people do to improve the quality of their lives, you’ll be able to become more self-aware of your own interests and come up with a few good ideas that will improve your sense of well-being. Fortunately, we live in an age where it’s easy to access almost any kind of lifestyle questions you may have. For researching self-improvement ideas, Google may be your best friend.

Get Into the Holiday Spirit 

If you’re a high achiever, then you may have a difficult time during the holidays because you have to slow down and do banal things that you may find boring. You find yourself just going through the motions, but you’re not fooling anyone. It’s often obvious to family and friends that you would rather be elsewhere–perhaps back in your office, studio, or workshop, working on your favorite projects.

What can you do to enjoy spending quality time with the people you love during the holidays? While you may be someone who lavishes everyone with wonderful gifts, what people close to you really want from you is your time and presence. They would prefer fewer presents and more presence.

One way to get serious about having fun is to send hilarious holiday ecards. Besides delighting the recipients, the act of selecting and sending them will put you in a good mood, too.

Rather than think of holidays as something you should just show up for, something you’re obliged to do to keep other people happy, why not try to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving or Christmas or whatever holiday you’re celebrating? 

Organize Your Life

You’ve heard the old joke that you can never be too thin or too rich. Here’s a new twist: you can never get too organized. The real difference that makes a difference in the quality of anybody’s life is how organized they are about various important things in their lives. 

So, how do you get more organized?

Take some time to be introspective. Think about all the things that are working for you right now and all the things that are not working. After you’ve isolated the critical few, the things you want to get even better at doing, then come up with a few ideas on how you can reorganize your schedule to do deep work.

Reinventing yourself can be tremendous fun. Ultimately, the goal is not to have more or to be more, but to live life more fully, more extravagantly, and more joyfully.