Sayeem Hasan is a Bangladeshi Bangladeshi Musical artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Influencer. He is loved across the world for his unique style of music. His music composing has a unique style which made him famous and well known.

He was born on 29 January in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is the 2nd children of his parents. Now he is living in Dhaka, Bangladesh and completing his graduating.

At very early age, he started making music. His hard work pays off after releasing his music album “Nogeeen“. Now he is one of the well known musicians of his country.

His singles and albums are publishing through digital media like YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music. His music is very popular with the young generation.

Although he is a musician, but he believes in experimenting new things. He steps in the digital marketing industry with his experimental nature. He was a technology freak since his childhood. This helped a lot in his journey of becoming a digital marketer. He founded ” SN Media” and started his career as a young digital marketer of Bangladesh.

Sayeem says “Believe in yourself, you can handle every ups & down in life”. Now he is a well established person and a example for the youth who believe in taking risk.